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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by EG1984, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. EG1984

    EG1984 New Member

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    Hello everyone,

    My pet and i have largely online relationship, we do get to meet a few times a year but the vast majority of our relationship as master and slave is online, and this is how it will stay for at least the next two years.

    I find that in online relationship it's harder for my pet to keep a proper focus regarding her discipline, and i don't blame her for it one bit, nor is she a bad slave, not at all! For the most part she is very obedient and enthusiastic.
    Unfortunately, as they say - "Shit happens", and sometimes she does something wrong, and she needs to be punished and i have a hard time coming up with suitable ideas that can be implemented online.

    So i am asking for ideas, go nuts :p

    Just FYI; I am not looking for anything involving pain beyond spanking, or things that involve public humiliation.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. EG1984

    EG1984 New Member

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    well not all at once :p
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  3. IndianPaintbrush

    IndianPaintbrush New Member

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    Wow way to help us online people out!!! I was really looking forward to some answers here! Not that I like or want to get punished but some new ideas for my Dom would be great...punishments can get a little boring when theyre the same! Sorry Eg! What kind of punishments are u giving now if i get any different ones maybe i can help a little.
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  4. xrobert

    xrobert Member

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    I read a story once, online Mistress punished her slave this way:

    He must go to a crowdy lingerie shop, where pretty girls was the sellers. He must ask for bras, panties, stockings to buy. He must ask the girs in front of everyone for advices which one suits him well. He must take photos on the happening. The photos must sent by email to the Mistress. The next time he will be very obedient. :)

    Well, it would be very humiliating...
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  5. Penny

    Penny New Member

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    I think it depends a lot on where your interests lie and how good your pet is with safety.

    Money issues can also be an issue with some.

    I don't know what sort of pain tolerance your pet has, but a while back I had the same sort of relationship and things could still get very interesting. So these options might be play or punishments depending...

    -wax play, certain number of spills on specific areas (inner thighs, stomach, breasts, nipples, clit)
    There are some obvious issues here with safety, having the right candles (cooler burning ones)
    As well as being in a safe spot in case the candle is dropped.
    I had to pour the wax on my thighs, breast and then clit. I blacked out for a second from the pain
    but also orgasmed.

    -having to do household tasks (washing floors on hands and knees, scrubbing bathroom, cleaning kitchen) with dildo inserted and nipple/clit clamps on.

    -having to orgasm (random number) of times in a single day (17?).

    -must masturbate (with or without a vibrator) for X amount of time continually bringing herself to the edge, you get to pick if she can orgasm or not at the end of the time.

    -any foods she hates? She can only eat those for X number of meals.

    -1 hour bicycle ride with a dildo inside (whichever size you stipulate). This can be quite painful.

    Again, not sure if any of these things work for you but it's something...
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  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I haven't responded to this sooner because I haven't had much success with online play, but my general thought on discipline outside of play is that it shouldn't be done just to do it. It should be done when it in some way makes the dom's life easier, better, or whatever. Simply inventing things for the sub to do that don't benefit the dom is actually inverting the dom/sub relationship, because the dom is spending lots of energy trying to find things that the sub will enjoy.

    Thus far I haven't had my slave do a lot of things like kneeling for long periods of time or whatever. I prefer to give him practice work, like polishing my boots and leathers, cleaning my apartment, and so on. That way he knows that he is making my life easier.

    How do you translate that into online play? I'm not really sure. But you might, for example, require your sub to send you a text message or email every day telling you how wonderful you are, why she enjoys serving you, or something like that. If small ego strokes like that are beneficial, by all means require it. You might give her assignments that will make her more attractive to you, such as requiring her to work out regularly, improve her appearance, develop a new skill like cooking or massage that she can use when you are together, or something like that.

    There might be some value in doing something symbolic that is intended to train the sub to think about the dom. A few years ago, I had an online boy for a brief period. One assignment I gave him was to spend five minutes each day kneeling in front of a pair of boots, worshipping them as if I were in them. He found that a nice reminder of me. So a ritual or two like that might be good for her.
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  7. Penny

    Penny New Member

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    I first want to apologise for having misread the original post. I did not see the 'not' in the pain beyond spanking, so that makes most of my previous post void.

    In regards to the idea of working out or doing tasks that would 'improve' her appearance, at first I thought this was interesting as my partner and I have a similar set up (reward/punishment depending on completion of the daily swim). However, on reflection, I would hesitate to advise anything of the sort in an online scenario. I used to suffer from several eating disorders and had this been suggested to me, without the emotional support of a constant support, it would not have had the intended effect.

    I think working out/diet sort of things can be very dodgy when it comes to women and self image (not women exclusively, I'm sure), and unless you're physically there to support any kind of mental breakdowns I wouldn't go near it with a ten foot pole.

    That being said, a specific hair cut/colouring might be a very good perk for you/punishment for her.

    Or a specific food restriction for a limited time (emphasis on punishment not on appearance).
    I personally love Cheerios, but eating nothing but Cheerios for 5 days would be horrid.
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  8. Forgotten angel

    Forgotten angel New Member

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    You could always go the pain route with exercise. Tell her to go do sit ups until her stomach feels like its going to split open, and then do 20 more like a good slave. That way its still torture, but its healthy at the same time lol. Or for humiliation, shopping with vibrating sex toys inserted, going for walks with toys in in public places. Going to a movie with a butt plug and a vibrating toy in. A long movie and a quiet toy lol. Make her go to a library and read a book with a toy in. Make her read the whole book. Theres millions of possibilities here. Once a Mistress made me pierce my nipples and send her pics. Thats alot of pain like you dont want though.

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