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    Though, as a submissive, I hate to be this specific and demanding in my desires, I will not consider a partner that doesn't meet these requirements. Hopefully it will be a simple to follow list and won't bore you too much, sir/ma'am.

    Traits I'm Looking for in my Dom:
    (Taken from click the link for more details)

    • Self-Control
      [** An understanding that my opinions, wants, and needs as a sub matter.
    • Reasoning behind the rules.
    • Aftercare!
    • Communication
    • Humble
    • Caring
    • Respecting the "safeword"
    • Honest
    • Constantly explores his side of things

    If those traits didn't fit you, please, don't bother replying to me. Now, for those still with me, let's discuss the online relationship itself:

    Ground Rules/Limits/Terms and Conditions:

    • This is a hard one, I understand, but NO images or video. I have reasons. If you're interested in being my dom, I will gladly elaborate.
    • Understand that my life isn't fully centered around a BDSM lifestyle. I have school and work to think of, and family intervention. These things do come first.
    • Audio can, and will, happen, but be understanding that, living with others, it can't always happen.


    • Role-Playing would be a huge part of our relationship. It would take the place of the usual "scenes" in an IRL BDSM relat*ionship.
    • I demand a grasp of the English language, decent writing, and length. I want a good role-play when we do those. I can promise my replies would be to the exact standards I expect of you.


    • I have no interest in a dom looking only for sex. That's not why I'm here. I want to build a relationship with my dom. This means s/he will take an interest in my life, both sexually and non-sexually. He'll spend a decent amount of time getting to know me as a person and getting to know my likes and dislikes. He'll help me explore, gently, the things I'm uncomfortable with.


    • I want a dom that is willing to assign me things to do daily. Things that may excite me, embarrass me, or I'm curious about. This could be a wide range of things like: Masturbate in public, keep nipples in constant erection all day, go without panties, etc.


    • I expect my dom to have interest in me logging my thoughts. It helps me release any frustrations, as well as keep my thoughts in check. This may include, but isn't limited to: An orgasm journal, a personal journal, etc.

    Now, if there's a dom out there that thinks they want this sort of a relationship, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks!

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    Very nice ad, i just hope you posted on other similar sites, this one is almost dead. It's very difficult to find suitable person and since you are very picky you will need more time to find your Dom. I don't know is this your first time to search for a Dom, but judging by your ad and your nickname, you know a lot about this. Good luck.
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    Hi, would like to be your Dom if you haven't already found on, message me on here if interested!
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    I'm willing to dom for you
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    I am pleased to do that. email me at.

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