One Thing You Love & Hate

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  1. kajmir

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    Name one thing you have pride in about yourself and name one thing you hate and wish to change about yourself.

    Pride: My honesty, I'm extremely trustworthy reguarding secrets, other peoples feelings and a right to honesty from me.

    Hate: My lack of self-esteem.

    When I move, I want a better job to afford a gym membership to repair some of the self-esteem I lack.
  2. sillylittlepet

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    Pride: I'm a good listener and a good friend, I do my best to support my friends when they're down and help them when I can

    Hate: I can be cruel and mean to the people I care about when I'm upset, and sometimes when there's no one to be upset with I make up reasons to be mad at people, even though I know its hurtful to them

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