one of my slaves pic , as directed by me in mail (with e-mail)

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  1. dome

    dome New Member

    thank you sir for allowing this slut to pee then suck and lap it up like the real bitch it is here are your new pics as ordered sir your fowned fuck bitch thanks you sir

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  2. dome

    dome New Member

    need some comments
  3. urslave397

    urslave397 New Member

    you are lucky to have a master like that
  4. painslaveXXX

    painslaveXXX New Member

    i'd loved to drink all that piss
  5. KinkyPink

    KinkyPink Member

    Good little bitch. Does the bitch have cute little dog tail butt plug?

    I would piss all over a huge floor and leave the clean up job for the slut. And if I didn't like the pace... ;)

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