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    Before reading, I am sorry if I make english mistakes, it is not my first language.
    This is a something that I did for real.

    One afternoon, when I was alone, I was feeling naughty. The sun was shining outside. I really wanted to try something with my ropes and padlocks that I had in a drawer. I use them sometimes because BDSM gets me excited and change my ideas. I am unexperienced and only have tried some basic things in self BDSM, like putting a rope around my wrists, but being able to escape easily, or tying my legs together and masturbate. I have never cuffed myself, used a time restraint, or anything that would let me totally helpless for a certain amount of time. I have Only use some ropes, chains, knots, and padlocks. So, here is how it went on this memorable afternoon.

    First, I went in my room, and I stripped all my clothes off, including my underwear. I was standing there, naked, for no purpose but BDSM. I was already excited by that. I touched myself a little to let the excitment raise. The window was not obstructed so maybe i was a little exposed to the street, but i did not thought about it, i was really excited and sweating of it. I got out all the things I needed. Ropes, padlocks, and chains. So here is what i did:

    First, I tied my two hands with my balls with a padlock, My balls were bound with a rope, and each of my wrist was surrounded by a chain, that was locked with a padlock to that rope that bound my balls thightly.

    I couldn't just pull and remove the rope from around my balls, it was too tight and was even hurting. I had to free my hands first to undo the knot.

    So I was there, helpless. I enjoyed every second of it. But at all this time, I tought i was going to be able to free myself easily, as I was used to this. So after a couple of minutes, i decided to end my BDSM. So I tried to get the key. Hum, it is really difficult!!! Why? How is that possible.. I thought it was easy..?

    but no:

    because when trying to get to the key that was on my bed, the rope was pulling my balls, which was hurting a little, and exciting me at the same time. So I could not move my hands as I expected. I struggled for about 15 minutes, getting up, sitting on my bed, laying on my bed.. finally I grabbed the key. But Now i had to insert it into the crucial padlock. And I have to say that after the struggling, my penis was rock hard and some juices were coming out of it. I was on the edge of orgasm, but I was still there, naked in my room, helpless. So I started to try to get the key in the padlock.. Oh my god, it was even harder than to grab the key on my bed... it was pulling even more.. ouch! But also, it was exciting me because my balls and penis were right in the middle of the action.. the padlock was almost on them.. so i kept hitting them and caressing them while trying to get the key in the padlock. My penis was now full of precum, as my hands and the key.. so all was slippery now. It was even harder... I struggled for a good 10 minutes, when, suddenly, i felt the cum in me go up my penis, i felt my muscles tremble, and i fell on my bed, orgasming. The cum went all over the bed and the floor, and i was trembling of excitement, and full of cum and sweat. Still naked. After a couple of minutes, i finished by getting the key in the padlock.. oh.. it was crazy... I cleaned up and felt good... Oh.. the window is not obstructed by shades.. ohh no.. ..anyway.. its too late.. if someone saw something.. thats it thats all.

    It really was one of my best experiences in self BDSM.

    I loved sharing that experience and remembering it. It might be a short story, but it is my first one :) so i hope i will get more things to say by writing other stories.

    I would really like to get ideas of things that i could do in self BDSM from you readers :). It would be exciting to try things that someone esle than me tought about.. and i would love to share it in a story.. and maybe post a picture.

    But i also have my imagination that works quite well at the moment.

    Thank you for reading my story.
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    Goes to show, you should have the keys in a more accessible place. But out of curiosity, how close were your hands to the lock? The way it sounds is that you had a fair distance between them
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    The lock was in the middle of my 2 hands, which makes it difficult to reach. My hands were really close from each other, and that was the main difficulty, because one would get in the way of the other when trying to unlock.. but it was fun this way.

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