Of Rope, Stockings And You - Parts 7 & 8

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    Of Rope, Stockings And You - Part 7 - The Thought Of You:

    It’s hard to know who drew the deepest breath as Kathy entered the room. A collective sensual sigh of sorts, as she moved gracefully toward you. Her timing was nearly perfect, though I had noticed her arrival much earlier. I detected the faint glow of her cigarette outside our bedroom window, as she stood in the cold November air, watching us, warmed by her thoughts of you.

    Kathy looked as if she were a movie star – fresh from the 40’s. Her long silk robe matched her raven hair, pulled back from her face and held in place with a shiny pearled comb, which matched a dainty pearl choker. Her red lips set ablaze by the candlelight told of how much she wanted you – without speaking a word. She had the walk of a runway model – though in real life she was a waitress. With us she could be who she wanted to be and tonight, she wanted to be elegant.

    Kathy stopped for a moment, just in front of you. Gently, she caressed her lips with a finger, as she scanned your every curve – her foot tapping slightly on the floor as she paused in erotic contemplation. Slowly, she began to circle you, her eyes fixed on your body, as it swayed to the sound of her heels on the floor. You followed her movement, leaning out to the limits of your bonds, yearning for her touch. Kathy offered you no respite, save the sweet faint smell of her perfume. She circled once more and stopped at the foot of the chaise.

    With an easy smile, she reached into the pocket of her robe and drew out two black stockings and laid them on my lap. Without words, she looked into my eyes seeking approval - without words, I gave it. Kathy leaned over, retrieved her stockings and firmly tied each of my wrists to the arms of the chaise. From her other robe pocket came a silver cigarette case – as Kathy tapped a Marlboro against the case, I could clearly see her wheels turning. She smiled again as she lit it – the flame from the match showed the passion in her eyes. She offered me a drag, her lipstick tasted good against the smoke. She sat briefly on the arm of the chaise, feeding me a few grapes and sips of Moet. As if sparked by a thought, Kathy rose, kissed me on the cheek and whispered: “thank you” as she stood once more and faced me in the candlelight.

    A delicate tug on her robe belt opened Kathy to me. She leaned over and tied my ankles together with the belt – her hands trembling slightly. When she rose again, her robe flowed from her body like a silken waterfall – it pooled as if a dark lagoon around her stiletto pumps. My eyes widened and ascended the vision before me. Kathy wore charcoal stockings with a jet-black back seam. They were held perfectly in place by shiny metal clips attached to the garters of a leather waist cincher – her matching leather bra nearly reflecting her soft face. Black silk gloves beautifully contrasted her fair skin. She looked at me as if uncertain and in a modest whisper said: “Do you like it? Is it okay?” In stunned silence, I nodded in voracious approval as she turned slowly and moved across the room to the waiting body and racing thoughts of you…..
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    Of Rope, Stockings And You - part 8 - The Wanting Of You:

    Kathy’s approach sends you reeling. It was as if you could no longer stand the anticipation further and were trying to draw her in with your struggle. Kathy does not take the bait. Her stride if anything slows as she draws nearer and when at last she reaches you, a simple touch to your shoulder begins to calm your plight. Breathless, you moan from behind your gag and speak words that no one can understand. As you give into your bonds again, Kathy glides behind you – pressing her body to yours, wrapping her arms around your waist. With a firm grasp, she pulls your ass hard into the front of her hips – her hands then slide up your body. As they round your breasts, Kathy twists your clamps between her fingertips and tugs slightly on the chain. Your moans fire her motion and she runs her hands back down your body to your thighs and up at last to your waiting p u s s y. Your head arches back toward hers, as Kathy’s fingers explore you – her silk gloves tickle your skin and ignite the movements of your flowing body.

    Another moan, a gasp and Kathy suddenly steps away – her disconnection from you makes you even more breathless and you fall limp against your bonds. Keeping one hand on your waist, Kathy turns and moves in front of you. You straighten you body to meet her as she pulls you in again. As if your lips were free, she kisses you – deeply – passionately. Her lipstick leaves a trace of a kiss on the leather strap holding your gag. She reaches around behind you and lets her hands flow freely to your ass – her silken hand falls sharply against your cheek and you twist against the sting. More follow as she continues to kiss you and hold you still with one hand, while her other hand falls faster and harder. At last, she loses control of you and steps back to watch you struggle against the chain. I watch as her hand slides between her legs, touching herself while you moan wildly through your gag and appear to be struggling to break free.

    You motion to Kathy with your swaying hips, taunting her – letting her know that you’ve not begun to have had enough of her torment. It works this time – you’ve drawn her in. She steps to the bed and picks up the whip, lying in wait for your skin. Twirling the tails slowly in the air as she walks an arc around your inviting body, Kathy glances my way for a moment and with a slight smile and a gentle nod – strikes. The first lash lands across your thighs – perhaps a miss – perhaps not. You grab for the chain and try to pull your feet from the floor as the second strike finds it mark. The tails send you forward – you recoil back in time to meet the third. Kathy has become charged with the passion of you – she spins the whip in the air before each of the next five strikes. The last lands across your back and you come close to defeating your gag as you nearly moan through it. I strain against my bonds to touch myself - it is no use.

    Kathy lowers her whip and steps to you – a soft touch of her hand feels like a shot of electricity to your reddened cheek. You lean back into her again as her hand finds its way to your soaking mound. She reaches around and feeds the tails of the whip between your legs – the stinging tails are now a sweet reward. As she slides the whip back and forth between your legs, you lean your head back and nestle it into her shoulder, whimpering softly beneath the strap. Kathy kisses your neck, her eyes make contact with mine – I am pulsating with the want of touch – my brain surges with tingling ecstasy. I feel as if my body is in climax, while my penis yearns for satisfaction. It is a most pleasant torture. Just when you are about reach your peak, the whip falls from between your legs – the tails are moist with you. Kathy steps back again to watch you in the candlelight. Your head hangs limp – you strain to catch your breath and still you motion her back for more of you.

    Kathy turns from you and heads towards the chaise. “At last”, I think to myself, “At last I will be free”. It was not to be. “Not just yet”, Kathy whispered, as she gently dragged her fingers up my arm - stopping just under my chin. “We’re not quite ready for you yet”. Kathy sat again on the arm of the chaise, and lit another cigarette. She offered me a drag but this time the taste of her lipstick and sweet smoke was mixed with the sweeter taste of you on her fingers. It was like a drug and fueled my desire for you as I watched you gyrate gently in the night. A few more puffs, a sip of Moet and Kathy leaned in for another whisper: “Close your eyes tight, I have a surprise for you”. I followed her request, but as she walked across the room, she caught me peeking. With a “you naughty boy” look in her eyes, Kathy bent down and with the skill of a marksman, tossed her silk robe over my head. “That should hold you”, she whispered as she tucked the robe around my head, making sure I could not see. “I’ll be right back”. I’m left with the sound of the door closing, her heels clicking down the hall and the sounds of you swaying in your ecstasy. It would prove to be a long, but sweet wait…..
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    more more more!! great story :)
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    It's a pleasure to read this. Please go ahead.

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