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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by subarama30, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Well I am pregnant and haven't been feeling great for weeks, thank you morning sickness ;)

    Anyway, the sickness is passing now as I'm about 12 wks and my libido has returned with a vengeance. Thing is I don't want to risk doing anything kinky while pregnant but I simply just don't feel aroused by vanilla stuff anymore and feel really bad about it.

    I want us to stay connected sexually but I think because we had come so far before I got pregnant I am stuck in that mindset and don't want to go backwards.

    I am kind of resigning myself to not having any sexual contact till after baby is born, if I don't internal combust before then!
  2. sebastian

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    I can't advise you much about the physical realities of sex during pregnancy (somehow, as a gay man, that issue has never come up...) but there are definitely still things you can do. Basic bondage, such as being spread eagled on your back, should be safe, and I'd think that tit torture would be safe, at least in the early months.

    You can still provide service, in the form of blow jobs on command, cleaning, acting as a valet and the like. You might explore humiliation and verbal abuse, if such things interest you. Role playing is another option.

    And you might do talk fantasies. Once you get to the point where sex is getting physically difficult because you're so far along, try lying in bed with your dom and just talking out a scene while the two of you stroke each other.

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