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    I have just finished creating a new BDSM & Fetish Site, one where everyone is welcome (Pros, Financial Dommes,Lifestylers,Onliners etc... the secret is in the name anyone is welcome....but NO VANILLA!).

    Come and take a look, if you like it - join. The site is free!


    Hope to see you around the place.

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    NoVanilla, It is great that you want to increase the size of your new forum. I went there to check things out, and I clicked on the forums to see how they would be, and because I am not a member, I was prevented from seeing them. Would it be possible to set it up that a guest can view the forums, but isn't allowed to post unless they sign in?

    I ask this because many people myself included, prefer to view the websites for a while before joining, especially in the topic of BDSM. I joined here because it seemed like a good place for sound advice, and friendly people..., for the most part, I was very right.

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