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    So tomorrow night I am going to see a mistress for a no safe word corporal punishment. I want to suffer significantly but on Monday I need to be able to work in a warehouse. What do you think would be a good amount of strokes that will make me suffer a lot but allow me to still work.

    I was thinking the tool would be a phone charger wire with both ends held in hand so it makes a U. I was thinking 50 ass and back of leg hits, 50 back hits, 50 front, and 15 on each thy and front leg. Everything will be done sadistically, without mercy, or pity and every stroke will be carried out no matter what.

    When I beg for mercy or for her to stop extra punishment will be administered until I stop begging including electric shocks to cock and balls with hand held bug zapper that looks like a tennis racket, clamps on dick and twisting only to be removed when I stop begging, hits that don't count.

    Do you think this would make me too sore?
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    There isn't really any good way to answer your question. There are too many variables: how hard she hits, how easily you bruise, how hard this wire turns out to be on your skin, where she hits you, whether she's skilled enough to control exactly where she hits, how often she hits the same spot, how well you handle pain, how much experience you have with pain play, etc.

    Doing no safe word play is a very bad idea if you've never played with this domme before. You don't know how skilled she is and she doesn't know how you react or the signs that you're reaching a real limit. It's also a bad idea if you're a novice sub. So my advice is to make sure you have a safe word, just in case. I realize that diminishes the thrill, but unless you're experienced and she's skilled, you could really get in over your head.

    You talk about hitting the front of the leg. The front of your thighs can probably take a decent beating, but do not let her target your shins. There's virtually no muscle between the skin and the front of your shins, so those blows are going straight onto the bone. Also, it goes without saying, absolutely no striking the knee. If you want the lower leg to be targeted, let her hit the back of your calfs--the muscle there will cushion things. Also, I assume you know that blows to the back need to be the upper back, not the lower back, which is absolutely off limits for most impact play (except perhaps a little light stinging toy)--the kidneys have little protection, and an injured kidney is very serious.
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    The goal is to take more pain than I can handle and be in over my head. I am 23 and I have some experience but not a ton. The last time I did something so serious I was 18 and I was beat and made to cry. I tried this with another domme a couple months ago but when I begged and said I changed my mind she stopped which was a shame.

    This dominatrix is experienced and started off as a sub. There will be no visible marks so shins are out of the question. Everything will be done safely. I think I would be sore but fine Monday. I will beg for mercy and release but if she does what she said she would do I would stop begging rather quickly once I come to terms with the fact im making it worse with extremely painful dick electrocution and it will happen anyhow. If it wasn't for work I would want even more. I just wanted an opinion on soreness if she hits me really hard but not full strength.

    It will be a 2 hour session and the beating wont take the whole time. So I wonder what else will be in store for me. After the CP I will have a safe word. The number of hits and the tools to be used are negotiable until she straps me in and the first hit is administered. Once the first hit lands there is no going back.
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    It sounds like you're trying to be intelligent about it. I still think you might regret not having a safe word, but it's your body. You seem to be going into this with informed consent and at least trying to be safe and sane. Good luck with it.
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    She got sick. Will reschedule.
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    aww hope she feels better soon

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