Nipple binding and needle play

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  1. BruisedNipples

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  2. BruisedNipples

    BruisedNipples New Member

    Part 2...

    Hope you'll enjoy it. Comments are welcome and requests will be considered by us.

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  3. masterj75

    masterj75 New Member

    Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing.
  4. BruisedNipples

    BruisedNipples New Member

    You're welcome! Here are some others:

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  5. one4fun

    one4fun New Member

    Amazing photos and gave me some new ideas :) mary
  6. BruisedNipples

    BruisedNipples New Member

    Thanks. Glad you like them. Since I last posted we took some new pictures. There didn't seem to be an interest in these on this forum, so I didn't post more. If you would like me to post more, please let me know.
  7. evcricket

    evcricket New Member

    Pics are great

    I really liked the pics, it looks like terrific fun. I've just been sitting here trying to figure out how to do something like that to myself. How did you get the ties off though? They really only go one way.
  8. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    awesome pics.
  9. lochness

    lochness New Member

    Wonderful pics! I'm a fan of nipple torture, in the role of the giver, though. Please post more pics of your gf's tortured nipples. BTW, does she gets off on having her nipples tortured?
  10. subdonna

    subdonna New Member

    i have a question. Once those plastic ties were tightened and your nipples had swollen up making them even tighter: How on earth did you get the ties off without cutting or injuring yourself ?
  11. olfrt

    olfrt New Member

    Please do post more....and if you choose, broaden the scope. Such lovely agony needs admiration.
  12. bowler279

    bowler279 New Member

    great pics please show us more

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