Nicole's Ultimate Payback

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    Author : StinkFartFetish, Part 1 from 1.

    Nicole's Ultimate Payback

    Nicole stormed through the hallway as angry as can be. She passed by Andrea, who used to be her friend but now was her enemy when she betrayed her and left her just to be Reha's friend. Reha was good at winning friends over people, nobody even knew how a 5 foot tall Indian girl was so popular, a lot of girls really liked to chill with her.

    It all happened the last week, Nicole was texting her then best friend of 5 years, Andrea. But Reha decided to put things in her hands when she spread rumors about Nicole having aids all over the school. Of course a lot of people believed, but all of Nicole's other friends stuck by her side. Nicole did not wanna,put up with all this bullshit, she was furious about it.

    Nicole knew a great way to make them pay, a very weird but vert very evil way. She would fart punish both Reha and Andrea with the help of her friend Angela to tie them down. It was a perfect plan that really needed perfect timing.

    During class Nicole got her friend Abby to stealthily takw Reha's purse, and Andrea's and took it in the bathroom as Nicole caused a distraction by reading like an illiterate idiot to make the class, especially Reha and Andrea laugh their asses off. The plan worked, and eventually they both searched for their bags in desperation as the bell was about to ring. Reha was on the verge of crying when the bell rung, and Nicole said,"I think I saw both of yours in the bathroom, I saw two purses in there." Reha and Andrea both hurried with Angela and Abby waiting for them, and as soon as they got in there they went to work on tying them up, Reha was the easiest because she was so light and weak.

    Nicole just watched, with an evil smile as she pried the bathroom door closed when Abby and Angela left. Now it was just Nicole alone with Reha and Andrea, who were tied and gage with fat strips of duct tape under their noses, helplessly squirming on the floor. Reha had long black hair, Andrea's blonde hair was a little shorter. Nicole was kind of a heavyset redhead girl with freckles, and she had a very big ass but it wasn't exaggerated. "Hi, Reha....Hi, Andrea! Listen you guys, I had a big bojangles breakfast and lunch and I'm pretty fuckin I guess you'll have no choice but to smell it! My farts are terrible by the way!haha!" Nicole laughed.

    Nicole stood over Reha's helpless body first. "You're the one who caused all of this tumult between me and my friends, it's just that Andrea was the only friend I had that was stupid enough to fall for your deceiving tricks. Your the main cause, so have a nice whiff of this shit!" Nicole lowered her ass to Reha's face as Reha wiggled her body to at least try to attempt to escape the smell of that big ass. Nicole watched her squirm and laughed, then she got to work and put her ass on Reha's face and let out a loud nasty stinker. *FROOMMMFFFT!* Reha freaked out,you couldn't see her makeup filled eyelids because her eyes widened at the sound and the smell of that fart.

    The smell soon traveled to Andrea's nostrils and she screamed through her tape as the smell filled the room quickly. Nicole blasted another fart on Reha's face which led to Reha thrashing under her and crying and begging to stop this through the tape. The indian girl couldn't take the farts on her very pretty face, she shook her head no for Nicole to stop. "Oh, Reha did you just say for me to take my jeans off?" "Mmmmffff!" "Sure thing Reha!" Nicole laughed and took her jeans off, and now in her panties she sat on Reha's face and *BURRRRRRRRRTMMMMHT!* Reha gagged as the pure fart air traveled up her nostrils and it stunk up her nose, she could barely breathe.

    Nicole then *FROOOOMMMMFFFT!* again and Reha passed out. Now Nicole looked at Andrea, and stood over her. Andrea's nose was already a little red because she could smell that Funk. Andrea screamed through her tape as Nicole sat on her face and let out a silent but deadly right up Andrea's nostrils. *Prrrrrrrrrrtttttt....* Andrea groaned as the gas was very warm and stinky, it smelled like a lot of rotten bojangles. Nicole then took her panties off and shoved Andrea's nose in her ass and *SHROOOOOOOOOOMPPPPHHHHHHHTTTTTT* After inhaling all that, Andrea passed out cold.

    About 15 minutes later Reha was just waking up, then realized her sense of smell and nose was still in jeopardy when she saw Nicole's big bare ass hovering over her face. Before she could scream Nicole unleashed a bunch of farts and sharts on her face. *TRAMMMMPHHHHOOOOT* *SHROOOOMMMPHT* *PRRRRPPPRTTT* * PRRRRRRRRRRR* Nicole laughed her ass off as Reha cried and suffered, being forced to smell such a great stench that she literally couldn't take. The farts were rancid and unbearable, Reha passed out.

    Andrea had been awake for a while, just waiting and praying that Nicole would run out of gas. But of course she didn't and Nicole went for another round gassing Andrea's nostrils with rotten bojangles big ass farts as Andrea cried, and after several farts she passed out. Nicole but both Reha's and Andrea's heads close and she took a huge shit on their faces together and left. Boy would they have a surprise when they woke up.
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