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    I am totally new to all of this and my Master is 19 yrs younger than me (I am 66), I love being his sub and he is a good teacher but I feel that I want to please him more. He has fantasy about me being his aunt and me calling him nephew, have others come across this.
    I never thought that I would learn all of this at my age :)
    Any advice is welcome.
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    I've never come across that, but really it doesn't sound that strange. Does the idea of trying out that fantasy make you uncomfortable? If so, how much? Scale of one to ten. If the answer is somewhere in the 7 range or lower, I'd say just try it out. If you stay in your comfort zone you'll never find the things that really excite you.
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    We have been talking on messenger each day and playing out the fantasy of when I first fancied him as nephew/aunt, when we first had sex etc, it is an absolute turn on for me, I love it. Never thought that I would be doing something like this at my age. I cannot wait for the next session, he has aroused feelings in me that I have never felt before - I feel like a teenager again LOL :D
    Thanks for answering.
    Sorry, should have said that I am slightly out of my comfort zone but not too much that I am scared and he scores ten out of ten.
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