Newbie Here - cuffs, pain play, ideas?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by TitusPullo, May 12, 2012.

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    My girlfriend of about three years now, who up until now, has been slightly adventurous but dare I say it, slightly reserved to some things due to a general lack of confidence. She asked me, someone who has always had an interest in BDSM yet never any experience within it, to be her dom, which I jumped at the chance to. She's been away since she asked me and next week she'll be back, and I know it's natural to not quite know what you're doing at first, but I figure a little research can't hurt. I just realise that a change such as this is a bit daunting and well, I have some questions...

    To begin with, I know there is a thin line between just normal pain, and pleasure from pain. How should I make sure I stay clear from crossing that line?

    Second, today I bought a chain combining metal handcuffs and ankle cuffs. Has anyone got some tips for me on that department? Techniques, positions, that kind of thing. And I have nothing to cuff a hand onto something else, so by just cuffing her hands together, and her feet together (sorry, this is probably going to come across as a very silly question...) does that still leave room for penetration? The gap between ankle cuffs doesn't seem very big. Again, I'm probably missing something that by just going out into practice, I'd soon realise anyway...

    And I thought I'd ask you guys for any creative 'dom' ideas for whilst shes here, and whilst shes away. I've been making her do some things for me, like orgasm a set amount of times a day, send all kinds of kink pictures, but I guess this question is just to broaden my horizon sotospeak.

    Any other tips that would be worth mentioning to a total BDSM newbie would be very appreciated. I'm not asking these questions out of a lack of confidence, more so that I can ensure safe practice and well, hugely for piece of mind so I can smoothly carry out my own duties. ;)


    Additionally, I forgot to mention pre-edit;
    Is there any essential items I should buy for this? Or things around a typical household I could use once shes tied up and primed.
  2. TitusPullo

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    Excuse me. I kind of rushed towards making a thread rather than browsing around whereby I would have found the pinned topic, Newcomers to BDSM FAQ.

    That would have been the best first step...
  3. sebastian

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    It's ok. Once you've finished reading it, come back here with more specific questions and we can help you.
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    I've been on this forum for years and I do that ALL THE TIME! LoL no worries homes.

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