NEW Type of FETISH "Snot"

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    Snot Porn A.k.a. Booger porn: It is a new niche from Brazil.
    If you think you've seen everything from porno land, think again!!!!
    Cuz El Invierno bring this exclusive shit to the site!!!!

    Do you think you are tougher than me, I don't think so, I fucking ate breakfast making the 100+ screens that are included in this mini pack! How ya' like them apples, huh?!

    Normally, I don't like this yummy O' so delicious shit, but I'm making an exception for this time, especially for the marquis de sade's type of perverted minds here that have seen everything already!
    It also includes the less extreme art of spitting in a beautiful face.

    The odd part, this youngster is actually really hot, and she has nice delicious natural double d cup tits! So, here's the deal. This baby got her birthday party or whatever, and her 4 friends cum to see her. But what she did not know, is that all of them friends have a big nasty cold. All of a sudden, the leader of the gang decides that the four of them gang up on her, tying her up. They don't seem to have kleenex tissues, so they decide to get them boogers and snot out by using the girls mouth as a waste basket. They fource her multiple times to swallow it, and she does: it goes all down the hatch albeit with a tad of coercion. She also pukes it out one time, but for the rest she eats it like a champ, yea, like a real trooper! Girl gets forced a couple of times to fish for hard pieces of dried up booger/snot...with her tongue. She also looses conciousness for 1 or 2 seconds because she gets choked by one of her former friends for not swallowing all that thick & yellow snot. At the end, her former friends decide that the pretty girl, the bonita, hasn't been himuliated enough, so they puke big chunks of (pink?) vomit blocks on her. Don't let the latter stop you from downloading this one tho, cuz its only 1 minute from the 60 minutes of this tape. This flick is basically only about this new genre. Man, I wonder who get's a boner or a wet pre-cummed dick from this?, as said, I watched parts of it, but there wasn't any action in my boxers goin' on. Guess, Im not psycho/pervert enough. Bwahahahah.

    Damn, such a beautiful innocent latina.....what some girls do for money.
    Why da fuck she don't look for no rich man, be a personal sex slave or whatever?!

    Honestly, if I would meet this hottie w/ them big natural juggz in a club, I would probably take her home to my hotelroom/apartment to fuck her brains out. Unless of course I knew she did this movie....ah, shit, then I wud prolly still bang her like an ape.

    Truly unbelievable if you wouldn't have seen it with your own eyes....Money makes the world go 'round and 'round.

    I also got y'all cover'd with the DVD artwork. I screwed up with link 1 & 2, so only link 3 works.
    It all had the same pix, so y'all not missing out extra's, so, don't worry!

    Join me on this journey.....
    Come to the dark side! Download this and have a gander! We'! Snot Tissue - MFX #911.mpg
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