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    ok im mr nice guy, i hold the door for people, i get girls teddy bears candy and you get the picture, i met this girl who after 9 months im starting to notice alot changed i was the gentle type hug, hold, kiss, and stop and ask if shes ok, but now im pulling hair, biting, hickies and lately i took away options and just do what i want and she loves it, she said torture me and a couple of hurt me's, i slapped, choked (never more than the count of 10, mostly 5, i don't care what im not doing more than that) i tried to read more but i can't really find a guide or a 101 anywhere.

    i asked her what do you expect when you say hurt or torture me and i get you're an evil mastermind genius which puts alot of pressure on me, what i have so far is pulling hair, bite, hickie, slap, choke, spank, toss her around in bed, tie, blind fold and im stuck she want more pain/aggressiveness/torture but no toys, no candles nothing like that just our bodies and a few scarfs and a belt,

    any suggestions ? we dont do this all the time it happens every now and then

    sorry i couldnt find the noob section.
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