New to Kink, would love some advice.

Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hey there, I decided not to make an account here simply because I just wanted to get a few opinions and some help. Thanks for having me ;)

    Firstly, I'm a (straight) male teen who has been into this kind of stuff for a long long time. I'm kinkier than most other teens but I absolutely love it and can't wait to experience some of it for myself rather than just watching it.

    My interests include:

    Breath play
    Hoods (absolutely love them)
    Any aspect of CBT
    Sports gear
    Leather, spandex, PVC etc
    Sensory deprivation
    Gags and duct tape
    Male chastity

    So I'm up for a lot of stuff. I recently watched a video of a guy with his hands bound, wearing a Speedo and a swimming cap. Someone then pulled the swimming cap over his mouth and nose so it became breath control, and he wriggled for a few minutes before he was allowed to breathe again. I was surprised to see that I actually found it very exciting, and actually wanted to experience it.

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  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Argh, sorry, the keyboard on my iPad kept going down and I accidentally tapped the submit post button.

    What I was going to say:

    So, last night I caved and bought myself a pair of skimpy Speedos and a silicone swimming cap off the net. I was just so horny after seeing that video. I made sure to buy a cap that looked stretchy (it was made by Speedo also) and I bought it in black so it also acted as a blindfold. I bought the small Speedo briefs simply to package myself in, for extra fun! I secretly love wearing tight underwear. I can link you to either item if you want to see what I bought.

    Do you think I'd be alright starting breath play with a silicone swimming cap? I was just so horny and turned on after seeing that video, and like I said, it surprised me. I would never go overboard with it, simply because I don't have anybody to force me to endure it and look out for me :( I noticed a few videos on Tumblr where guys were having their breath restricted by a swimming cap and thought it might be a cheap way to see if I actually enjoy breath control.

    Just watching the video of that guy wriggling on a bed, wearing nothing but a pair of tight Speedo briefs and having his breath restricted by a swimming cap did something for me. Wow. I just want to experience it.

    Do you think I'd be alright to try breath control with the cap? I really would like to experience it, and like I said, I caved last night and just bought it. Any advice or tips you could give me on trying breath control (by myself) with a swimming cap would be greatly appreciated. I'm still exploring my fetishes.

  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I'm going to start about breath play, because as much as I hate to dampen anyone's kink, it's just not safe. RopeRanger and Sebastian both have good talks on why:

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  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Again, I really hate to say this about anyone's kink, but you'd be doing best to not try it at all. You didn't ask questions about the other kinks, but I'll be happy to answer them less restrictively.
  5. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Thanks for such an in depth answer. I know breath play is extremely dangerous and can cause real problems. Those posts were a good read, thank you.

    I've been thinking that if I ever try it (which I don't think I will), I'll pull the cap down but keep my fingers in it so I can still restrict my breathing but pull it off in an instant. I'm only talking about breath play for a few seconds here. Do you think that's still a bad idea? I don't want to pass out either!

    Still, I suppose I could always make the silicone cap into a hood; I could punch a few nose holes and use it for sensory deprivation. It would serve as a blindfold, a hood and a gag. What do you think to that?

    My other fetishes? Well, I wouldn't know where to begin! I love the sound of CBT but I can't afford much proper gear at the moment :(

    Thanks for your help though!
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  6. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    A few seconds is a lot less dangerous- what you need to remember, though, is that if you're playing alone, there's no one to take it off if you pass out.

    I think it would probably be a good hood, especially since hoods are up there in the money. If you're playing alone and thus the outside aesthetic matters less, a nose slit so it sticks out might be easier to place, but it might also rip... just giving you ideas to try out.

    And being a submissive female I don't know a ton about CBT, but you certainly don't need all expensive toys for it. Many are a series of weights attached to a cock ring, or there's just torture with needles and other pokers (like wartenberg wheels, but I bet you could improvise a cheaper replacement for those). You sound like you're doing a good job of educating yourself to play safe and get the best of everything.
  7. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Oh I know, that's why I've been so cautious. Like I said, I'm only planning on keeping it on for a few seconds, and even then I'll keep my fingers ready to take it off. I'm only talking about less than 30 seconds of breath restriction at the most.

    Those are good ideas, thanks. Like I said I bought the cap in black so I can use it as a blindfold, but I might be able to just punch a few nose holes and use it as a hood for sensory deprivation. It would muffle my speech, blind me and probabaly make it harder for me to hear. Hey, they're cheap so I might be able to buy one to make into a hood and keep another one for the 'soft' breath play I'm talking about.

    Thanks, I'll have a look into it.
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  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    So here's my thoughts (and keep in mind I'm not medically trained at all--I'm just going off what I've read and common sense)

    If I understand your scenario, you want to pull the swimming cap over your face and hold it there for a while. So you're not trying to restrict your breathing in any other fashion. If you were to pass out, the cap would fall off and no longer block your airways.

    Assuming that there is no chance that the cap can get stuck (that depends on how you pull it over your face, I think), what you're doing is sort of like holding your breath until you pass out. It's not actually possible to do that--your breathing reflexes are some of the strongest reflexes you have and it's pretty much impossible to control them. So as breath play goes, it's probably on the low end of the risk of asphyxiation.

    However, as has been noted, breath play isn't just risking asphyxiation; it's also risking heart attack. My understanding is that the moment your body begins struggling for air is the moment your risk of heart attack begins to rise, and it won't drop again until a couple hours has gone by. Now, I've never heard of anyone having a heart attack because they held their breath to spite their parents, so my guess is that the risk of heart attack in this situation is lower than in other breath play scenes, but it's still there.

    So, this scene you're thinking of is probably as low-risk as breath play gets. But understand that there is still some risk. You may not find it very erotic--like all BDSM it derives its pleasure from the fact that the sub can't control things, and there's no way to actually give up control here. So doing this might just bore you and help you work through your fetish and defuse it. But it might also whet your appetite for more risky breath play. So be prepared to confront temptation if you play this out.
  9. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I was taking it as over his head, then down onto his face, holding it there, but I don't know which of us is right, Sebastian.
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  10. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Sorry about that guys, I meant that if I put the cap on my head as normal (just like a swimmer!), I would then pull down the front of the cap so it covers my nose and my mouth, resting just under my chin. I would then just keep my hands on 'standby' ready to take off the cap as soon as I feel the need. It's a silicone cap so it's pretty thick and stretchy. And, like I said, I made sure to buy the cap in black so it's a bit more like a blindfold hood!

    Like Sebastian says, it's only very mild breath play, and I'm keeping it that way, especially as I don't have a dom to take care of me. Thanks for your help though guys, the cap (and the *tight* Speedos) came the other day so I'll heed your advice and proceed with caution. I'm only going to have a dabble in breath play for the moment, I'm sure I would find it more fun if I had someone to actually control my breathing but I'm not sure if I even want that just yet.

    Cheers for your help, Smallest & Sebastian. Hey, if I don't enjoy breath play with the cap I can always keep it as a blindfold or turn it into a hood (by adding 2 nose holes), and have some more fun with the Speedos!
  11. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    The important thing is that you position that cap in such a way that, if you fall unconscious, the cap will not continue to block your ability to breathe. Because if it does, you die.
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  12. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    That was my fear- if you pass out and your fingers slip, it may be no good
  13. thinmint7

    thinmint7 Member

    Hmmmm, I would definitely find a different usage!! To completely cover your face with a stretchy band that blocks all air sounds about as smart as huffing glue or gas. I am not opposed to breath play at all, but breath play alone is needlessly dangerous. I think the mask is a great idea, though! I hope that you find a partner to be able to explore your fetish further!

    As for the CBT, I also don't know too much, but I think you should be able to jerry rig some awesome toys for it! I suppose even your nails could do the job....
  14. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I think sebastian's idea of just holding it stretched over your face (at least, that's how I understood him), not over the back of your head, would be a lot safer. If you pass out, you'll just drop it, rather than it snapping shut on you.

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