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    My fiance (yay!) and I just started getting into the domination and submissive play. He is new to it, as am I. He has told me that he is rather, nervous and scared that he'd hurt me. Also, we really don't know how to move forward.

    We have began with the spanking, bondage tape, blindfolding, "choking", He talks down on me sometimes, and He tells me what to do sometimes. I'd love for Him to be more forceful, and more dominant with His words and actions. I've told Him this, and that I want Him to tease me, gag me, and completely take control of me. Tell me what to do, what NOT to do, throw me around, etc. I have told Him he won't hurt me, and that I want it --- bad!

    We also need some ideas on "essentials" if you will. Toys, whips, tables or chairs, anything to help enhance or heighten our experience.


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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    No, my apologies. I had been viewing from my phone, so it was hard to navigate. I will now.

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