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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by jcbeautifulslut, Feb 2, 2013.

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    i am a new sub and i was wondering if i could get some thoughts from other masters on what they do and what is required from their submissive i am trying to get a good hand on this i want to be a great sub for my daddy.
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  2. Mchris

    Mchris New Member

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    that is a big question, there is no Define rule that covers all relationships,

    the one thing I have discovered is that trust, and openness about the relationship to each other and then you have the differant asspex of the relationshiip like control, dress code, bondage, etc
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  3. vulca05

    vulca05 New Member

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    Hello jcbeautifuslut

    I have seen picture of you in an other post. Her are some toughts.
    I like more the mental control than the body pain. I used body pain just in extreme case of disobedience. I like to have my slave naked and always at disposal, and keeping control over her with leash and rope.

    If you want to discuss more let me know.

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    my daddy is well not sure how to say it... sometimes i wish he would be a little more demanding of me in the right ways...when he is demanding he is inconsiderate of other things about our life that is more important like our kids and my responsibilities as a mother house wife and student and im not to sure on what to do about it. he doesnt ever punish me and i wish he would from time to time
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  5. HadesTorment

    HadesTorment New Member

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    Is it possible he isn't aware you have this desire? I have given my slave a perpetual directive that she may ask permission to speak freely. This gives her an opening to make me aware of any desire she discovers in herself. I do this for our relationship because I can't read her mind and it keeps the lines of communication possible.

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