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  1. xxlorinxx

    xxlorinxx New Member

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    I am new to the site and need some ideas of household objects I can use in my pussy and ass. Being new to this, I have no restrictions and I'm open to anything!!!:devil:
  2. Mat22!!

    Mat22!! New Member

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    what type of things do you like being done to you? maybe you could put a vibrating toothbrush inside your pussy ;)
  3. knightnorth

    knightnorth Member

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    Vegetables are always a favorite. In a pinch I've been know to grab a thick sharpie pen. Toothbrushes that vibrate was a good idea basically anything that fits and vibrates. Clippers, electric can openers etc. I think wine and beer bottles are sexy. Personally I just like the neck of the bottles. The whole thing with extreme stretching is a turn off for me but to each their own. I'll keep thinking. Good luck and happy posting.
  4. 10xSweetLUV

    10xSweetLUV Banned

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    with a little patience, or no patience and a lot of discomfort, 4 fingers up the ass is always a fulfilling pose[​IMG]
    this bitch came like a cannon, with no stimulation of cunt, whatsoever! only a good "going over" of fingers probe and romp[​IMG]
  5. jjlawerence

    jjlawerence New Member

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    make anal beads using golf balls. Stick 5 up her ass.
  6. xxlorinxx

    xxlorinxx New Member

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    I tried the electric toothbrush on my clit. It was nice for awhile, then I just got bored with it. I've used pens and such before. I definitely think golf ball sized anal beads would not be comfortable for me. What smaller items could I use??
  7. Randomguy86

    Randomguy86 Member

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    Frozen brussel sprouts as anal beads? Put a skewer through the middle then fishing line with knots either side of each sprout to hold them in place.
  8. xxlorinxx

    xxlorinxx New Member

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    I have a feeling the frozen brussel sprout would feel extremely good. I am going to have to go grocery shopping soon!!
  9. Dominantxone

    Dominantxone New Member

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    Shoe stuffed

    Hi lorin

    I'd love to see your pussy stuffed with a nice pointy shoe, toe first all the way to the heel.
    And the other heel pushed into your arse.
  10. a1bbwsub

    a1bbwsub Member

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    dont do this you can cut your ass with the wood and get and anal fissure and infection remember to use smooth edges

    popsicals are nice but if you put them in your pussy use sugar free ones so you wont give yourself a nasty yeast infection! instead of brussel sprouts

    big plassic beads on cord would work as make shift anal beads be sure to give your self a loop to pull them out after as they can get lost in your body as would the frozen brussel sprouts

    and throw them away after you wont get them clean and who wants to stick nasty stuff in your pussy after its been in your ass! Think safety
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  11. ThePlayer

    ThePlayer New Member

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    Some vegetables sounds nice! Will you post some pictures too? That would be great =)
  12. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    bbwsub, can you try to refrain from posting multiple times in a row?
  13. xxlorinxx

    xxlorinxx New Member

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    I just got on and read's been awhile. I am off to try the shoe one right now!
  14. war1022

    war1022 New Member

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    where do I start?

    Household items?

    D-Cell Mag Lite flashlight.

    Dom Perignon Champagne bottle (after which place it out on display, only you will know you fucked yourself with it)

    screwdriver handles. name says it all. all my screwdrivers have screwed my sub/subs. clean VERY well with boiling water, alcohol, soap and water before use.

    all the right fruits and veggies. banana, cucumber. remember cucumber has cum in it's name. get the twice size cucumber. small end on one end a large end on the other. challenge yourself! some have nice bumps on them.

    do yourself with a beer bottle in a dark bar sitting. take bottle to bathroom to clean (like screwdrivers) get back booth and do yourself.

    do yourself on an airplane in the lav with a banana. join your own mile high club.

    here is a good one but is hard to make and hard to take

    take condom and put one inside another. fill to length with water and freeze. see how long you can do yourself. hint make sure the outside is not wet and leave condom on ice prick. once inside you will be fine. at least for a short while.

    Best of all time! I had a 2006 Ford Explorer. The shifter was a perfect dildo! Sub would have to sit on it while I raced the engine for vibration. Magic!!!! Search the internet for 2006 and look at the pics.

    Enough for now. Get back with me after you stand in the grocery aisle selecting those nice plump long cucumbers!!!
  15. xxlorinxx

    xxlorinxx New Member

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    A few days ago I used the handle of a hammer. It was easy to ride after I put a dew pillows around the head. I definitely tried pushing it in as far as I could.

    I went to try the high heel, but I couldn't bare putting one of my precious heels up my ass.

    Tonight I am going to try the frozen water in the condom. Sounds so perfect! I am also going to try a zucchini... I have tons from my garden in all sizes.

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions!

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