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Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Hey, So I'm also not sure I belong here but I was trying to register and couldn't. I'm 18 years old and a man. I've gone to the chat rooms and subed for women via cam. I kinda enjoyed the submision but last year I found a girl friend who wanted to sub.. Still together a year later I've read every possible forum and we date in a true Master/Slave way. I am just kinda looking for a place to discuss new techniques and ideas because I'm worried she will get bored with it. Can I somehow register?
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    Registration is locked because suddenly this week we've had about 30 to 60 spambots joining each day and hopefully this will deter them from using our forum. Registration should be open again next week as far as I know.

    When that happens I can merge this thread into a thread under your username so the relevant information stays together. You could also PM me your email and desired username I can see if the admin can do anything about it sooner without opening registration, for you (no promises but I can try). Until either of those happen, you can discuss things here, if you like.

    And though you didn't ask, this definitely sounds like the sort of forum you wanted.
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    Man I'm amazed bots got bast the image verification. I have trouble some times. As to email I'll pm it to you quite gladly if not I have to problems posting it in here because well I hate using my email.
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    Normal registration is open again, so you should be able to join with no problem :)
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    You can't make messages to almost all forums only (
  6. Smallest

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    You can post in all but two, that's what I would call 'most.'

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