New in this forum I try the chat without success

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Belph, Oct 19, 2014.


Why are you here sincerily

  1. Only for discussion

  2. To meet real people in real life

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  3. For discussion AND to meet real people in real life

  4. None of these 3 answers

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  1. Belph

    Belph New Member

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    Here are the copy of my presentation on the chatroom

    Welcome! You have entered [The Lounge] at 12:24 am
    [Belph] 12:25 am: Hello everybody... I am new here and I would like to speak to someone.
    [Belph] 12:26 am: I live in Europe so it could be better to speak to someone from my continent but feel free if you come from another part of the world
    [Belph] 12:27 am: My interest is to exchange idea at first. I don't know if I am a sub or a dominant. In fact, I think both can be interesting
    [Belph] 12:29 am: For me bondage is, at first, a game. It can't be dangerous if people use correct safe word and if there are respect between people. I really prefer experience with only one man or woman.
    [Belph] 12:31 am: I prefer woman but in fact, I really don't know b4 I never try with man.
    [Belph] 12:33 am: At first, exchange which each other, then, if the feeling is good, meeting in real life in a resto or another public place and finally, if we feel it, meet together. Actually, I would prefer to do it with my future wife but before that, I would like to meet real people in the scene.
    [Belph] 12:35 am: Maybe, only a discussion could be suffisant. I really don't know. I really need someone who can answer to me.
    [Belph] 12:38 am: I'll try to be here when possible. I have a lot of other occupation and I am not so often on the web. Let's say 2 or 3 times a week. Of course, if I meet someone, I will try to be there more often or communicate with a phone.

    Feel free to leave a public or private message. I'll reply to it asap.


    Mr B.:cool:
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    As far as I know, no one uses the chat room, so that's probably what your problem was.
  3. dorei

    dorei Offline Staff Member

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    Hi Belph, the chat room has been disabled because lack activity, feel free to use the forums to talk.
  4. Belph

    Belph New Member

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    Ok, I am back in forum so. Anyone who speaks french here. Bcoz it's my mother language and I prefer to speak french. If there are forum in french speaking, I prefer to write there. Have a nice day and see you soon.

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