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    Well I introduced myself last night but that post seems to have disappeared so I will give it another try and hope it stays this time. Any way I am new to this forum but have been wanting to get more into the bdsm life style more. I am sure I will have plenty of questions later. I have been reading through the newbie stickie which has a lot of good info. Just so you know this is what I have been playing with lately. I purchased a set of the clover nipple clamps for my self and I love those things. They hurt sooooo good. That initial sting when I put them on and the random zap when I move or bend over and make the chain swing. I haven't gotten the up to weights on the chain yet but I am looking foreword to it. I actually wear the clamps while I work out on the nordic trac and it hurts so good when it swings. Anyway ,sorry about the rambling, I also have a vibrating bullet I like to stick in my ass while I am at home. I love that full feeling when I push it in. The vibrating doesn't really do much for me. I think its because it doesn't reach my prostrate. I might have to try something larger. Any way I will be looking for some advice. I will also be looking for an experience and creative Mistress/Master:devil: who can help me experience some fun healthy pain and train my ass to her needs. I also think I might be into some kind of humiliation. I had a fantasy about being told to go to a fancy ladies boutique to purchase some pretty red panties. I look foreword to meeting new friends here on line and maybe in person. Sorry about the rambling. I hope this one sticks.
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    Welcome we are always glad to see new "faces"

    I'll move your thread to off-topic if you don't mind
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    Sorry I posted in the wrong place. I also see that the one I thought was gon was also moved. Sorry I will have to punish myself to make up for it

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