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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by mechanixfetch, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. mechanixfetch

    mechanixfetch New Member

    Hi all, first time posting here so here we go. I've been playing with a new sub recently and I'm having trouble thinking up games I can play with her. She enjoys the games I make up to play and I love playing them I'm just experiencing "dom-block" if that's a word. So I'm here looking for new ideas. As an example I like playing the "find my cock" game: I cuff her and blindfold her and she has to walk around on her knees looking for my cock. I guide her with my voice and a riding crop. I like it, she likes it, everyone wins. It's games like this that I'm looking for. We have basic S&M toys and anything we don't have we can improvise or get. Help a guy out.
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    One game I sometimes play is I tie a guy up and then make him struggle to get loose. Until he does get loose (which has only ever happened once), I get to use my crop and various other toys on him. This works best with something like a hogtie.
  3. isadorav

    isadorav New Member

    have you seen the anal ring toss butt plugs before? there a lot of fun to have a sub work to catch the rings your throwing, and punished for missing too many
  4. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    My favorite is to rent a room and request two keys. I leave one key and a slip of paper with the room number sealed in an envelope at the front desk with a fake name for “will call” pickup. An alternate method is to use a dead drop. The dead drop is lots of fun if you go for a captured spy scenario. I then position myself where I can see my sub arrive. In the room there is a set of instructions and gear or a sexy outfit. I once had my sub put on a very revealing outfit, come down to the coffee shop where I waited, order coffee and a snack, deliver it to my table and then leave. All eyes were on her and then me as she simply walked out and returned to the room.
  5. Revenance

    Revenance New Member

    I was brainstorming some games to play with my poppet and came up with one that she seems to really like. The idea is a memory game. I issue a chain of semi-complex commands, and she must remember them and follow them to a tee. If she makes a mistake, she gets punished, if she does well, she gets rewarded. I'm hoping to try it out this week. :D

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