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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Jadeskye, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Jadeskye

    Jadeskye New Member

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    Hello people! I'm new around here and i'm glad i showed up! The guide i found in the newcomer's FAQ is excellent, And deffinateely will be consulted in the coming days and weeks.

    I find myself in an odd position, my girlfriend and i have experimented with a D/s sex life and had a level of success. We're both avid actors so roleplay comes easily to us.

    Except on one point. Daddy/daughter roleplay. She expressed interest and theres a light in her eye i've never seen before, so i'm eager to treat her. I'm confident in my abilities to give it a go but i'm appealing for experienced people to give me some pointers.

    I'm not sure what else i need to add here so i apologise for my lack of knowledge, any questions i can answer to clarify, i will.

    Thanks again. =)
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  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I'm not sure what you're asking, Jade (and welcome, btw). What are you having trouble figuring out?
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  3. Jadeskye

    Jadeskye New Member

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    Ah I was a little vague wasn't i, sorry. Thank you for your welcome.

    I was wondering about specific phrases or actions, scenarios to play out. Being a daddy doesn't come very naturally to me so i'm asking for ideas or if anyone has a story of a successful daddy (or if a daughter can tell me what she likes in this scenario).

    She likes being called a good girl, she likes doing the younger voice, (we play her as a teenager). I'm intending on spanking her for being a bad girl, over my knee. very patriarchal. But i'm unsure what else to do.

    Probably makes me a bad dom but i'm appealing for ideas!
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    Hi Jade,
    Welcome to the board. Happy New Year!

    You're very fortunate to have those acting skills - it really is the key to successful roleplay.

    So I guess what you're asking for is a "script", or at least a framework you can use for improvization.

    These days I tend to be more of a sub than a Dom, but I started out as a Dom. I never actually used a Daddy/Daughter scenario, but it strikes me as somewhat similar to Headmaster/Naughty Schoolgirl, which I found to be very successful for roleplay because both parties kind of understand instinctively what they have to do.

    My advice would be...

    Create some naughty thing your sub has committed. Perhaps you've heard reports of her smoking from another parent.

    This "crime" isn't the first time she's been bad. You're a reasonable man, but treating her as a grown up and expecting her to behave reasonably just doesn't seem to be working.

    Use some verbal humiliation, and give her chance to "talk back" to you. I think you Americans use the term "sassy". Basically a cheeky, insolent attitude. That's her basis for improvizing. "You treat me like a kid all the time!"..."All my friends smoke - I'll look like an idiot if I don't!"..."Why do you have to be such a jerk about this?".

    As soon as she moves to personally insulting you, you can segue into "physical means" to correct her behavior. Explain to her that you don't want to hurt her, but it seems that a sound spanking is the only option you have. Administer the spanking, and send her into the corner to consider her sins while you have a beer, or watch TV.

    She is still using her "bratty kid" role, and so she might whine at you to let her go to her room, or that she has a date she needs to get ready for. If she keeps whining, bring her out of the corner and repeat the spanking. Tell her that this is going to continue until her attitude improves.

    This gives her a sort of "safe word" too. By "improving her behavior" she can signal to you that she's had enough of the spanking.

    At this point you can move the discussion on. Who is this guy she's supposed to go on a date with? Is that why she's wearing stockings and a garter belt? You've seen this when you spanked her, of course.

    Interrogate her about exactly what she gets up to with this guy. Has she let him fuck her? What about blow jobs? Hand jobs? Tell her what a slut she is, and how she's bringing shame on the family name.

    The next thing is something you can agree ahead of time. When you've called her a bunch of names, she can reply something like "judging by the size of your hard on, I think you'd like me to give you head right now, wouldn't you, Daddy? I'd be happy to do that for you...just don't spank me anymore!"

    You have the option to keep disciplining her until you're ready to have sex.

    I don't know how much impact play you get involved in, but you can see there are plenty of possibilities to keep the punishment going for quite a while.

    Are these suggestions along the right lines?

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  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I think it might help to consider what sort of daddy/girl pair you two are. She's a teen, but is she a rebellious teen or a good girl who wants to please her daddy? Are the two of you interested in the incest side of this type of play--do you want to pretend that you're doing something very dark and taboo? And if you are playing on the taboo side of things, is one of you unwilling--does she need to seduce you or are you going to molest her? When you discipline her physically, are you being sadistic, or is 'this hurting me more than you'? Are you actually her daddy, or are you a school teacher or athletic coach? Is she innocent and in need of corrupting, or is she a Lolita?
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  6. Jadeskye

    Jadeskye New Member

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    This is all spectacular, Thank you stanley and sebastian.

    Thats exactly what i'm looking for. I copied all this to a google doc. i'll study it and expand where i can.

    Now i just need some good one liners...


    Thanks again!
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  7. Jadeskye

    Jadeskye New Member

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    Okay so we've had some more success thanks largely to the help I received here (Thank you!) And we've realised she's looking for daddy to corrupt her. I think I can handle it but again. Since you guys had such great ideas the first time... Anyone got any ideas? :p
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  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Ok, so she likes the idea of being seduced by her daddy, so she wants to be an innocent girl who gets corrupted. There are a variety of ways you could play such a scene. The basic idea is to image what an adult man would do to get a naive teenage girl to have sex with him. Just mine some of the cliches we see in film or tv shows. For example, maybe she wants to be a movie star or a rock star and you're an agent who claims that you can get her a big break. But she'll have to change her image--she needs to dress sexier, and if she'll just sit next to you, you'll tell her all about it (and don't mind those roving hands...) Or you're a photographer--has she ever thought about being a model? Here, just let you open her blouse a bit more--it will make a great picture. Or if you want to be more pervy and explore the incest angle, she's your daughter and she needs to set on your lap just the way she did when she was little...You get the idea.
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    Just add some ideas to what Sebastian suggested. These are pure roleplay suggestions.

    It occurs to me that for her to become corrupt she has to have somebody to "do the corrupting" and an observer to recognize the extent of that corruption.

    In this plan (which could span several weeks or months) you will play two distinct characters.

    • A "Master Confessor"
    • A "Corruptor"

    You start the scenario with a "confession" scene. At this point she is relatively innocent, but she has started to have naughty thoughts. And she has met this guy (the Corruptor) who seems to want her to do even more naughty things. And this is what she confesses.

    In the "confession" you're her Master Confessor. I think some degree of ceremony and ritual would be good. So when she confesses she would begin by saying something like...

    "Forgive me, Master Confessor, for I have sinned."

    I'm an atheist, so I don't know the ritual of the Catholic confession but it's certainly online somewhere and you can adapt it easly.

    What I do know is that the process has three stages. Confession, Atonement, Forgiveness. This is pretty powerful stuff in a D/s context.

    You listen to her confession and suggest an appropriate punishment. Begin with mild stuff because her sins are not too serious...yet.

    So then a couple of days later you (playing her "Corrupter") call her up and you order her to do something naughty. You can take your pick - including Sebastian's suggestions. But these "sins" will "ramp up" over time to reinforce the impression of a process continuous corruption.

    For example...

    Step 1 is simple stuff, such as making her wear highly erotic lingerie under her everyday clothes. How about stockings, garter belt, and a proper lace-up corset? Maybe latex panties. Nobody else would know...except her Master Confessor when she tells him what she has been forced to do.

    Step 2: She has to wear a butt plug. Or the latex panties you can buy with a built in dildo and butt plug. If she needs to go to the bathroom during the day she has to call her Corruptor to ask your permission to remove the plugs.

    Step 3: Play act her being a prostitute. Except you (as her Corruptor) are the client. Make her wait in a bar and you "pick her up", and then maybe take her back to your car where she gives you a blow job. Make sure to pay her in cash.

    How it goes from there is up to you both. But each time she commits one of these sins she has to confess them...and to be punished more and more vigorously by the Master Confessor. You could even ramp up the ritual aspects if you like.

    I don't know how often you "play", but try to space out these sessions. By making her wear the lingeries under her day clothes for a week or so it will build the feeling of her continued corruption. I would suspect your everyday love making during the week would be enhanced too :)

    Then at the end of that week she has her session with the Master Confessor. Then after she's forgiven the Corrupter just makes her do something even worse.

    Does that make sense?

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  10. Jadeskye

    Jadeskye New Member

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    spectacular. I hope i can come up with stuff like this in the future, more experience hopefully will yield it.

    It does deffinately seem she's looking for me to corrupt her. I'm going to take a good amount of pleasure out of doing so too. She's anything but innocent, i imagine thats where her fantasy comes from.
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    Sounds cool.

    Even though she's "anything but innocent" today, that doesn't stop her acting innocent, of course :)

    So while your roles are the Master Confessor and the Corruptor, her role will be the Innocent who gradually becomes a Fallen Woman.

    I have a suspicion that the key to this is slow, steady corruption over several weeks. How sad the Master Confessor will be that he has to increase his level of punishment again and again. Imagine his disappointment that all his efforts seem to be in vain. After all, the pain is for her own good.

    How gloating the Corruptor will be, throwing the poor woman's fall from grace at her whenever he can. Pointing out with relish to her that she has the in-built desire to become a wanton whore.

    Have fun :)

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    I had another thought.

    If you decide the corruption scenario is good for both of you, why not create a blog to document the process?

    You could have entries in a diary format, with each Actor writing an entry from their perspective.

    BTW - if you decide to add photos, please, please, please make 100% sure your identities are protected. I know you're 24 and it might seem a great idea to add public humiliation to the mix, but I would bet anything that in a few years' time you'll be regretting it.

    Anonymous photos would be really easy to pull off. For the Confessor scenes you can both wear masks.

    She would wear The Mask of Penitence. You would wear the Mask of the Master Confessor.

    For the Corruptor photos you can take shots from the back, or make sure faces are blurred out.

    I would think a "soft focus" and "arty" look to the photos would fit the mood of the blog.

    Who knows - you could even publish it as a book and make some money :)


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