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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Kiba and Im a 20 year old sub.
    About 5'7", very dominant in social interactions but when it comes to bedplay, there is nothing more than liberating than submitting sexually to a powerful, sexy Dom.

    Exposure to BDSM has sadly been restricted to BDSMPlaypen and other BDSM porn sites. When I finally couldn't take it anymore and wanted to try what I watched, my endeavors were shot down...My partner who first taught me about the amazing sexual world sadly wasn't keen on BDSM so I'm forced to find fulfillment elsewhere.

    Not that I don't enjoy vanilla, but that I need a stronger presence to control me. Someone to make me remember that I may be controlling in the outside world but when it comes to the bedroom I am a toy to be enjoyed, a slave to serve, and a sub to satisfy my Master.

    I've had no training though I promise you I am a quick learner who is eager to please!
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