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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Newbie1929, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Newbie1929

    Newbie1929 New Member

    Ok I am new to the BDSM lifestyle. I am a sub and the dom I am currently with really like the whole spanking thing. Among other things. My question is that I have a job where if someone saw the welts on my body it would raise a lot of questions and possibly get me fired. Most of them I can cover up but some I can't. Is there some type of lotion or something I can get to help them heal faster or at least be a bit less noticable?
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  2. InnocentLooks

    InnocentLooks New Member

    Use concealer a shade lighter than you skin and liquid and powder foundation the colour of your skin, like you would get for your face. Put the concealer on first, which will lighten the redness, then liquid foundation, and then a layer of powder around the area to blend. And make a deal with your dom about where isn't okay to leave marks. Don't let your d/s relationship wreck something in your life.
  3. NotVanilla1

    NotVanilla1 New Member

    once you get the concealer and the makeup off at night, you want to treat these welts to get them to heal faster.

    Vitamin E oil is pretty effective on the scratchy marks certain tools make. Arnica cream helps with bruises. There are other natural remedies and over the counter balms for bruises, right now I can't think of the names of them. We keep Vitamin E oil in the house for just such things. We usually have Arnica cream but not right now.

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