New 18 year old sub looking for online male/female dom

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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    Hello I am a brand new sub and would like to try having any be my dom for like an hour just to try this and ease in a few important conditions

    no text or phone but I can post pics and vids
    nothing where my face is shown
    no anal until later maybe

    I have dildos panties bras and other clothes
    I am healthy and fi 18 year old also nothing can interfere with real life

    so if your bored and want me to do some stuff pm me no email yet or post here plz.
    male or female dom does not matter also no needles

    Like I said ill post pics if you want dress me up just post what you want.

    Update: This entire weekend ill be on and checking this regularly, post anything you want me to do im a slut for your command, ill post pics of anything you want.
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  3. jbear95

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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    Another hour just post what you want email me anything ill post the pictures of my slut body any way you want.
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