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    The last time i was on this forum i was going to do something like this but it never came to fruition. I have found a new mistress that I am going to see friday. We already negotiated a little bit. We have been through CBT like hitting, electrical,and clamps. Also hitting my feet, marks, bruising, and parts of the body I can be hit. We did not really talk about some specifics like electric play, amount of bruising and a couple other things.

    I'm wondering if there is really anything special to talk about and negotiate with a scene without a safe word. She is a really sadistic and experienced pro dome with countless years of experience. She says she can't wait to make me cry. This is part of the message I contacted her with.

    I am interested in being sadistically tortured. I am looking to have an one hour session with no safe word and to have any cries for mercy ignored. I want to suffer greatly and make you happy. I am particularly interested in electric play due to it being able to cause excruciating pain and leaving no marks. The more pain I can be forced to endure within my limits the better. I have taken severe punishment in the past and it did no psychological damage. It only made me cry.
    Some of my limits are no blood except accidents, no visible marks, no permanent damage, and no blunt force trauma cbt. I do a semi physical job so I would still need to be able to do it but soreness and bruising is still fine

    We have talked on the phone and had a couple emails. This just shows the sort of thing I'm getting myself into. Any advice negotiating?

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