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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Shepherd1, May 21, 2013.

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    I am looking to figure out some methods of administering an enama to my sub. We have discussed the facets of this kind of play and we both find it erotic and suitable for our play. Ive read many articles and watched some videos (not porn) on how to give it, but I'm wondering about a couple things and want to hear about others experience in this. Mainly giving it. One question I have is; what are the different types that can be used. I want to do it in large quantities and will be using a syringe. So do we start with just warm water or soapy water. How about lemon water? Or any other type. We want to stay away from alcohol enemas as we dont enjoy playing that way. I know it soaks in and they can get drunk but that's not for us. Also, whats an acceptable amount for each administering point. I've heard people using 2 qt up to a gallon. I want to push her in this but obviously I don't want to hurt her to the point of her not wanting to do it again. Thanks.
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    Unfortunately for me enemas aren't a pleasurable experience. Though I've had to have a handful of them administered in the past.

    From those experiences I'd advise that you research the effects of what you're going to be using for the enema. I've had a few different kinds and each behaved differently after being administered. Some had more volatile reactions than others.

    You should talk with your sub and find out what they're hoping to experience. If its just a 'full' feeling they're looking for or if they want to feel an increased urge to defecate, etc. Then just research the mixtures and stuff to make sure its suitable and has no unwanted or ill effects.
  3. sebastian

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    I have no first-hand knowledge on this, but anytime you're affecting internal organs, you want to be careful. I would start with a modest amount of liquid (a quart perhaps), or stop when she starts feeling full. After she's had some experience with enemas, you can think about pushing limits. But I think it would be unwise to do a gallon right off the bat.

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