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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by atrus96, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. atrus96

    atrus96 New Member

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    ok I love to rim my wife. she enjoys it as well when she actully lets me do it. how can I get my wife to let me play kiss and lick her ass more. anyone have any ideas? also I can't get her to play with mine. any ideas on that?

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    I don't think that there's such a thing as a magical answer to this one. As always it comes down to communication, communication, communication...

    Seduce her into your way of thinking. Tell her what really turns you on...and not in your every-day-boring-work-and-kids-kind-of-voice but in the voice that tells her that you want her. Don't use phrases like "why don't you ever..." or "come ooon". Instead say "When you let me play your delicious ass, it reeeeaally turns me on" etc.

    Forget negative ways of putting it and concentrate on all that is positive instead. Encourage her and don't berate her for the things that she's not doing to your statisfaction.

    Have a nice chat ;)
  3. orindaswat

    orindaswat Member

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    i agree with LE DIABLE like what i would do is try putting it the same as like well u got your is it POSSIBLE that i can get mine perhaps? dont expect things to change instantly it may take sum time. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  4. rodiel

    rodiel New Member

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    you got two strong hands, don't you?
  5. Masterslug

    Masterslug New Member

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    alcohol is always a good ice breaker......if you are both drinking, and you are thinking about it, you'll tell her

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    If she is worried about cleanliness don't forget to use an enema. That is what usually keeps me from doing it.

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    My master and I enjoy doing this to each other. I find it to taste very clean, and kind of interesting. I can't quite remember how we came to actually do it; we did discuss it, but a long time before we actually did it.

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    Master stopped me from doing it to him... Twice actually. He wants to be clean if I am going to do it but he never seems to prepare for it. I really just want to try it but I don't think Master will let it happen. Oh well, it isn 't the end of the world. :)
  9. Aoibheanne

    Aoibheanne New Member

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    I totally agree with you there. I think that is what most women (of course not all) are afraid of (don't have experience with men LOL)

    Enema is must for anal play for me at least. There is nothing worse than unprepared anal play *gags* (my opinion)

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    Just think of your own, and think to yourself, 'would I' ? If not, then get it shaved smooth, [and take your time to do a good job] and clean it inside and out. Have a root around and then ask the same question again.
    If your not keen on your own, why expect others to play with it? :D

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    Or, as warped as this might sound, maybe you could groom/clean each other. It could be fun, and would be a caring gesture too :)

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