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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Santuary Freak, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Ok so the hubbs is all for trying new things, mainly trying new things on me! lol Which of course I love because I'm all into the hubbs using and abusing me! :-D I have been trying to get him to let me do some anal play on him! Preferably with a strap on but I'm even all for putting my finger up his asshole while Im sucking his dick or even one of those vibrating toys that stimulates the prostate! The thought of it gets me really horny but he won't agree to it! :-( What can I do to convince him!?
  2. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    First of all ask him why he won't agree
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Agreed. You need to communicate with him. Tell him what you want and ask him why he's reluctant. Discuss ways you could address his objections.

    Many people are not used to thinking of the anus as a place of pleasure. It might help to eroticize it by stroking his anus, licking it, and so on, helping him to think of it as a body part that is enjoyable to stimulate.
  4. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    This may be about more than communication. There are a lot of guys, like me, that are very wary about this kind of activity... and I'm open to just about anything.

    Some guys are just like that. It may not be a homophobic thing either. With me it's mainly my association with smells. Just something I can't get past. I'm getting better with it though. Funny... In fantasy, it's fine. In reality, I'm not comfortable.
    Go figure.

    Take this one real slow and be patient. The more he opens up about other things, and the more comfortable he is, the better it will be.

    Hope this helps.
  5. drkangl87

    drkangl87 New Member

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    yeah the guy i was with was really hesitant about doing that kind of thing and he was the one who initially asked me about it. I agree with L8nightQ take real slow and be patient and talk to him about i and seb is right maybe stimulating it by licking it or lightly taking your finger and gentle rubbing it may help but again talk with him about it and take it slow.

    Good Luck

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