Need router advice... Weird place to ask but meh lol

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    I'm asking here because it's the section for whatever I wanna talk about, plus I really don't feel like making an account with a computer forum, too lazy lol... So I just got cable internet and the modem I got doesn't have wireless capabilities. It also doesn't have an extra ethernet port for my XBox. I'm not computer savvy but aren't most modems made with a built in wireless router, or is that just DSL? I need a wireless router to hook up my XBox through ethernet and Wii through wi-fi but I'm not sure what to buy. I'd rather not spend more than $100 but I will if I really have to, can anyone help?
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    Ask your internet company
    They know about routers more then we do :)
  3. RS1981

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    Yeah maybe lol... But they won't help with a custom modem, only the rental modem they provide, and I'm cheap so I bought my own to get out of the $10 rental fee lol. Just figured I'd try here since this is the off topic area lol. Cheap and lazy, what a combo lol.
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    You never said what company you are working with.

    Most post instructions on how to hook up a wireless router to their modem with no problem.

    Also, the company that made your router of choice often has instructions on how to hook up.

    If you want cheap you're gonna get 802.11 g standard. The N standard is more expensive.

    You won't want to hook up your x-box to wireless. you're better off running a line to the router. They usually have 4 wired ports in the back for this. It's much faster.

    Remember that if your router is close to anything else electrical it will need to be reset all the time. Wireless telephones are the worst, but printers, modems, televisions, etc... do it too.

    Netgear is pretty cheap and pretty reasonable.

    I assume you're using pc not mac.

    You should be able to do everything for less than $50 or so.
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  7. RS1981

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    I went with Comcast. Yeah I'm pretty sure I don't need N standard, I don't need it through my whole apartment. I know what you mean about the Xbox though, I intend to hook that to an ethernet port and use the wireless for Wii. Great advice though, thanks everyone.
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    I believe when Comcast sets up their internet, they ask for which computer it's to be hooked up to, then they use the IP address from that one as a reference point for their modem.

    This is common. Use the instructions on how to clone the IP address to your router. Instructions should be pretty easy to find.

    Again your router vendor will help also. I've seen the instructions for Netgear on the web.

    Good luck.
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    L8 I went with your advice and looked into Netgear, and I found one that seems REALLY good for an awesome price on Newegg, only $60 and it has b/g/n standard with a huge memory transfer rate, actually overkill but whatever lol. I'm using it with a modem I bought that actually gives me 25 mbps according to the speed test I did, which is faster than the 15 mbps package I signed up for. Not sure if that really makes a difference but it does according to a friend of mine. Thanks for your suggestion, now I can't wait to finally get back on Xbox live. :D
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    Glad it worked out.

    The speed may well be the speed to the connection point, but the rated speed from Comcast is the speed that they promise to deliver (not guaranteed), but your speeds could be much faster depending on who else in your area is online and moving stuff.

    I'd still run the line to the X-box for maximum bandwidth for games.

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