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    Just got a mid-range TENS unit. Need to experiment on myself before using it on someone else. Has dual isolated channels and you can adjust amplitude (0-100 ma into 500 ohm each channel), pluse rate (2 to 150Hz), and pulse width (50 to 300 microseconds). It has several modes. Burst Mode: adjustable rate and width fixed, 100hz frequency but I swear the rate/frequency adjustment still worked. Maybe error in manual as rate and frequency seem same to me? Normal: continuous with adjustable rate and width. continues and adjustable rate seems conflicting? Modulation mode: it cycles through 50% and 100% width and rate. SD1/SD2 - Strength-Duration intensity increases while duration decreases - ouch, like getting pricked with a needle.

    I've experimented three times. Have two unipolar adjustable cock straps (the blue ones) and to save money I found an idea to just put two strips of 1/4" copper tape up each side of my Aneros prostate stimulator (white plastic thing) and then some tabs of copper to use alligator clips. Here's what I've tried so far and the results:

    Cock straps, one at base of shaft above balls and one just under head. Used mostly burst mode. Felt pretty good when I got the setting right but found that had to keep inching the power up every minute or two. Not enough/type of stim to stay hard though. Probably should try normal mode more?

    Aneros in with one lead connected and one strap below head. When setting was enough to stimulate penis without pain, there was no feeling of stimulation in the butt. Played with settings, didn't find a sweet spot.

    Both leads hooked up to aneros, nothing on penis (I have to get a 2mm to 4mm adpater to use both channels (all 4 leads) at the same time). Was hoping for anus muscle contractions, but just got a sharp sensation deeper in ass. I tried shortening the tape so it only went up about an inch on each side but that didn't seem to help.

    I suspect of course I just need more experimentation. Haven't used the gel pads except on my forearm initially to get a feel for how strong/sensitive the device was.

    I think overall the thing I'm a little dissapointed with is that I was hoping for sensations to be more along the pathway but it seems they are just at the two points of the contacts that are closest to each other. Maybe one of those cock sheaths with metal nubs all up it would do better? Once I get the adapter, I'm thinking there must be a way to have the prostate plug in and send the current to both cockrings?

    If you have any suggestions to try, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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