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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by DearElliot, Jun 11, 2014.

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    A party where the men remained dressed, jacket and or tie maybe, while the women are naked, maybe high heels and stockings but otherwise naked.
    Same for a walk in the forest, I do ask my wife to undress and be naked when safe, Id like that others see her but thats such an iffy dangerous situation we do not. But I have had her topless under the conditions..but in europe it isnt the same as here in the US. In Berlin we often see naked women in the forest.
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    I think that would be a neat idea if all men were attending were doms and all the women were subs, and if there were a few monitors around and safe words set up (even if it's not a sex party, something may come up). Otherwise, subs nude, doms dressed sounds like a good party. Unless the girls are just for looking at, not part of the party, in which case I'd say just spare whoever's house and go to a gentleman's club.

    Here, where culturally nudity is more unusual (it's legal to be topless, male or female, but it is very rare for women to be topless even at beaches/swimming, let alone naked in the forest), I wouldn't have anyone naked in the forest because I wouldn't want to flash someone. Besides, there are tics and whatnot. Even if it's safe and legal, maybe make her wear a hat when you do that.
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    Re CMNF party

    Im a bit older, in my late 60s sort of, and enjoying the scenery while on the way has become more important to me. Yes it would be nice if...but having naked ladies who are in a submissive role simply by being naked at a party of well dressed men. is in itself quite pleasurable. A couple we know his wife and my6 wife will usually take off their tops and sometimes bottoms during an evening party, yet we do not swing and iot seems like a lot odf fun

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