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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Tralfamadore, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Tralfamadore

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    Hey all. My wife and I are new here but we've been experimenting for a while now. My wife didn't do what she was told to do today (shave and send a photo to me for inspection). I want to get some ideas as for a punishment. I was thinking a butt plug in public for a few hours. Let me know what you would do.
  2. Tralfamadore

    Tralfamadore New Member

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    Also, if the punishment gets picked, there may be photos to come.
  3. Her-sir

    Her-sir New Member

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    For the first offense or if it isn't a regular thing I would withhold her orgasm, cum in one of her least favorite places (she isn't crazy about holding cum in her mouth), or both.
  4. WickedPleasures

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    A public butt plug is an excellent discomfort and humiliation method. Be sure it is done with skirt and not pants, no panties. A next level would be to cum in her ass and use the BP to hold it in and then go public.
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  5. royheest

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    Id recommend a very severe hogtie.....

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    Unfortunately my wife has tended to become less and less extreme in her tastes as time has gone on (I'm talking 30 years we've been married, so it happened pretty gradually).

    But one thing she still enjoys is the idea of a remote control vibrator egg. It's a good "public humiliation" punishment, at the very mild end of the scale - so good for a first offence.

    We got ours from LoveHoney in the UK.

    The idea is to arrange a dinner in a restaurant, and then "surprise her" by passing her a paper bag in which there's a tube of lube and the egg. She has to go to the bathroom and insert the egg, and return to the table.

    Note - don't try to do this without the lube, you can't guarantee she's wet enough to insert the egg, and getting her to "force it" really puts a damper on the mood.

    So now you have control of her. I like to wait until the waiter or waitress comes to table and turn the vibrator up to the max. It's so funny to see the loss of concentration!

    The other thing my wife tells me is that she's convinced people can hear the vibration, but in even a moderately noisy environment that's not possible. Nevertheless the thought that it can be heard is a humiliation for her.

    The fun doesn't end in the restaurant. If you make it a lunchtime date you can both go shopping afterwards...and wait until she is paying for her stuff before you ramp up the power. I'm told this is the best way to get me interested in a shopping trip :)

    You can also put the egg in her ass, but use a condom if you do because it makes cleaning it up a lot easier! The egg has a cord attached for "retrieving" it. If you're inserting it anally then think about attaching the cord to something (like her garter belt, for example) so that the egg doesn't just disappear up her ass. That would make for an embarrassing Emergency Room anecdote.

    My wife can't usually climax without direct clitoral stimulation, so she hasn't managed to come this way yet. But the entire process is one long edging session for her, so make sure you have time carved out to have some "quality sex" when you get back home. She'll be more than ready!


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