My sub wife, will do anything, like to be shared.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Jayneshusband, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Jayneshusband

    Jayneshusband New Member

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    Jayne is my wife, we have been together since our teens, about 15 years now, and married for 7 years.

    Since we started to sleep with eachother we knew we were 'different'. She like to dress up and I enjoyed doing some rather naughty things too.

    Over the years we have discovered our sexuality together and have setteled into a 24/7 sub Dom relationship. She will do anything I say (including taking a day off work and flying to Holland to let me fuck her while I was working there before putting her in a taxi back to the airport).

    When we started anally experimenting she discover she liked being filled, I used to say dirty things like "you wish this was 2 guys at once" etc.

    Then I started to push this further, she has a strict moral code and views our marriage vows and important, she raised a few eyebrows in church when she said 'obey' in this modern time!

    A few years on I moved it up a gear, and told a friend of hers and mine that he could fuck her. I told her that he was allowed to and she was to do what he said.
    I went out of the house, he came round, she served him. I rewarded her greatly for that (£750 shopping spree and a spa weekend).

    Since then I have let her fuck a few guys, always at my discretion, always as a form of submission. I am turned on to see her used, and do not see myself as a cuckold as she is the submissive party. The guys we meet are clean and polite, condoms always and only I dom her, they are happy to fuck her while I insult and tease her.

    The ultimate expression of her submission is that she uses no birth control, she has a regular cycle and I have worked out the dates, she must inform me when her visitor arrives and departs. To be honest if we had another child it would be cool and we could afford it, but she loves the panic when on the 'safe' days I come inside her and leave her to worry until she can get a stick to pee on.

    We love our life, and thought some of you would like to hear about it.

    Pete & Jayne



    She has been completely debased and is totally my whore.
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Sounds like you two have found what really works for you. Congratulations. The whole playing without birth control is an interesting angle on it.
  3. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Nicw to know it all suits the both of you so well :) You could make her post here, for example, like make reports on what you arw doing to her. Good luck! :)
  4. Nuka

    Nuka Member

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    I like HisFox's idea. Get her to keep a thread on here as a type of blog. As you are already a member, you can see what she says, and still keep that control?

    Beautiful sub though, great that the lifestyle works for you. It's nice to see posts like this, where the life and culture really works.
  5. Knots

    Knots Member

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    Pretty. I share the sentiments of previous posters; it's always nice to see a long term relationship where the lifestyle works.

    P.S. The birth control element is quite devious.
  6. Jayneshusband

    Jayneshusband New Member

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    Thanks for the comments, yes we do feel blessed that it works so well together.
    I have not told her she is pictured on here yet, I am saving it up until the right moment. Being naked on the net, especially written on, is going to make her very wet indeed, and as I am away at sea right now I am waiting until I get home to take full advantage of her flushed & humilated emotion. :)

    I work away for about 3 weeks at a time, to keep the submission going I choose all her underwear, and she has to wear it in a rota system, I never let her wear tights, hold ups or stockings only and I insist that she always wears heels. When I can I ask for evidence of this and she has to picure message me back with the proof.

    As for sexual play the times I am away make her very hungry for sex, and she asks my permission to play with herself, she has a huge selection of toys but some, like the pussy pump and inflatable butt plug are specials for when I instuct her to use them only.
    I also give her little tasks, like go and get off with a woman on friday night, for instance. She is very diligent at folowing these sort through.

    By the time I get home she is frustrated and incredibly horny, she is so eager to please and has a real desire to be used. I often arrange a threesome within my first week back but never tell her, the first she knows of it is when the baby sitter turns up and I tell her we are going out. This keeps her on her toes!

    It would be nice to find a clean guy who has had the snip, so I could give her some real pregnancy fears, but I am too careful about STD's and respect her too much to run the risk, good fantasy though.

    I have just sent her a text informing her that from now on I insist on her being waxed, I will not tolerate hair on her pussy, this will be fun as she will have to arrange it and endure it knowing it's for my benefit.

    I love her!
  7. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Sounds like this side of your life is just perfect :D
  8. MJdom

    MJdom New Member

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    Its good to see that relationships can develop to this point and this is what I'm working towards myself.
  9. dickenstrap

    dickenstrap New Member

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    I bet you guys just love life [​IMG]
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