"My Slave on His Knees"

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    “My Slave on His Knees†is a new Femdom novel by Dr Jane Foxx. The extract below is one of the chapters narrated by the not-so-reluctant slave, William Rosenburg. The original title of the novel was to be “Slave to Cunnilingusâ€, changed by the publisher – for obvious reasons. Amazon ain’t going to list a book with a title like that!!

    I am told that a woman named Dr. Jane Foxx wants me to include details of the explicit actions taken in capturing my complete attention as a slave. I have no idea who this Foxx woman might be, but Rosalie tell me to be cooperative with her demands. So, here is what I recall from our first coming-together, as I lost my oral virginity.
    One moment, I was sitting comfortably on the living room couch, listening attentively to Rosalie’s discourse, when the lovely lady moved to stand up above me on the cushions to straddle my face and suddenly all I could see were her most resplendent feminine charms. Yes, my new employer had her warm pussy pushed close into my vision, perhaps two inches away, maybe less, and she was demanding that I respond by touching her with my mouth. All this while the lovely lady was saying, “Kiss me, Willie! Kiss my luscious pussy!â€
    And so, I ask with all sincerity, what is a virile young man to do in such a situation? I mean - consider this - I was already deeply in lust with the desirable lady, and here was her dreamy nakedness being closely exposed to my face like I never imagined would be possible. And, she was telling me, unequivocally, to kiss her pussy! What would YOU have done under the same circumstances?
    Well, I may have been overly excited by the moment, and, perhaps, I was not thinking clearly, but I found the situation to be completely enthralling and totally bewitching. Therefore, without any further contemplation, I gave myself to the occasion with reckless abandon. Yes, I did! I kissed for the lady, and quickly found myself licking, and then sucking, passionately. Make no mistake!
    Also, in case you’re wondering, Rosalie Sue MacDonald was immediately responsive. She began humping her lovely self into me, over and over again while verbalizing her mounting zeal. I was greatly encouraged to continue.
    Now, I ask, again, how is a healthy, young male supposed to resist such an occasion? I was doing EXACTLY what I knew Rosalie wanted, and, to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed doing it very much! I was thrilled to be doing so. My pulse was racing like never before.
    The rest of our first coming-together left a magic swirl of delicious memories in my mind. The lady kept pumping herself against my mouth, and, for a briefest moment, I found my hands reaching up to grasp the twin cheeks of Rosalie’s fantastic, gyrating bottom.
    But the lady almost immediately cautioned me, “No, no! Don’t hold me, William. I want to feel free to move just as I choose. Next time, I’ll have to remember to do something about your clutching hands. Now, be a good little boy. Suck for Mommy to the best of your ability. Make me proud of you!â€
    Yeah, that was exactly what Rosalie MacDonald said to me on that first, auspicious occasion. In her superior female mind, I was apparently to be regarded as “her obedient little boy†and she was “my supervising Mommyâ€! That was one way to put it, I suppose, but I am sure there were others, equally as accurate: teacher to pupil - nurse to patient - judge to defendant - warden to prisoner, just to name a few. The dominant lady was in charge of me and of the situation. There was no doubt.
    After those few demanding words, Rosalie Sue MacDonald was back into her reciprocal mode of sensuality against my obliging mouth. She was enjoying every minute of her initial sexual dalliance with me. The dominant lady’s entire body seemed to be engaged in working gradually toward a delightful orgasmic conclusion for herself.
    As for myself, I was completely fascinated by the uniqueness of that extra special moment. I mean, up until this time in my life, I had not been given such a thrilling opportunity. I had thought about it many times, especially while jacking off, of course. But now I was in the midst of an undeniable reality, and I found myself wholly spellbound by being used to service Rosalie MacDonald in this manner.
    As the lovely lady kept on with her inexorable hip movements, I was fully aware my mouth was being thoroughly fucked by her – to put it succinctly - but it didn’t seem to matter. I found myself enthralled with the concept of offering her “a large piece of cunnilingus pieâ€, and I was glad to be a part of the ongoing festivities. All I had to do was to keep lapping and sucking, just as the lady wanted, in order to help her find the satisfaction she wanted. The assignment was MINE!
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    Of course, during the process, I was also made to sample Rosalie’s plentiful supply of juice. Honestly, it seemed to come in globs! As I sucked, the warm wetness coming from her vagina filled my mouth repeatedly, so, naturally, I found it expedient to swallow on a steady basis.
    As I kept on with my oral caress, the abundance of her juice kept filling my mouth, and I had no choice but to keep gulping. And so I did! I thought her juice tasted marvelous; warm, slick, and typically feminine. It was satisfying to my male psyche to be lapping for her in this manner. So, I did it with gusto!
    Thinking back on the issue, an obliging male with a beautiful lady in such a compromising position really has little choice in the matter. I mean, my head was wedged firmly against the back cushion of the couch and my upward-turned face was neatly sandwiched between the lady’s thighs. So I think it would have taken a considerable effort to extricate myself from the situation, if I had felt so inclined. But the truth was that I did not want to be freed! I wanted to keep on sucking for as long as the lovely lady would have me continue. That is exactly how I felt, as if I had found my true niche in life. I am a cunt junkie.
    Well, we went on and on together, with the spirited action ever increasing and, as a result, I got to hear the lovely lady’s reflective sighs and plenty of her pleasurable moaning throughout. It was an immense, unique kick for me, to know William F. Rosenberg was solely responsible for bringing the lovely lady such enthralling delight. I was very proud of my newly discovered talent and ability.
    There was no doubt the dominant lady was greatly enjoying herself. And it was all because of my own personal efforts! Thus, I did not want to consider the possibility of ever stopping until lovely Rosalie indicated she had had enough. This was when I first began thinking of myself as being Rosalie MacDonald’s slave. Yeah, that’s how it all started.
    Knowing this, made me feel extremely important to the lovely lady, and I liked that feeling of such wondrous accomplishment very much. As I say, right from the very beginning sucking Rosalie’s hot pussy seemed to be my destiny in life. It filled me with wonder and hope for my future with her!
    All the while, I had no urgent thought regarding my own feelings, except for the binding chastity tube Rosalie had me wearing. It left me with a tight, rather imperative sensation between my legs, but it was not entirely unendurable. I did my best to ignore the moderate pain it caused, by concentrating on pleasing the lovely lady to the maximum. That was my primary goal. I thought I could survive and endure the unaccustomed pressures in my crotch, and, eventually, as it all turned out, I was right!
    But finally, as I kept sucking for her solitary pleasure, we came to that wondrous period when Rosalie was approaching one of her spirited orgasms. The lady sounded something like I often had, I suppose, whenever I had engaged in my own private opportunities to masturbate. Her breath came in sporadic gasps while those relentless hip movements against my face became noticeable firmer. What a thrill it was for me to merely be a part of the erotic action, especially with such a dazzling beauty.
    Up above me, there was also Rosalie’s excited voice to keep spurring me on. I heard the dominant lady calling, “Willie, oh, Wil-lie! Take it all! Take it all! Yes! Yes! Suck it good! Yes! Oh, yes!â€
    I felt she wanted me to keep offering my oral caress to the best of my ability. So, I kept sucking, and I swallowed all the slick juice the lovely lady had to offer, which was plenty, believe me!
    Incidentally, as far back as I can recall, Rosalie was the only person to ever refer to me as “Willieâ€. It came during that memorable time when she first stood over me on her living room couch to straddle my face, and assume a definitive pose of actually fucking at my mouth for her own pleasure. I just happened to be the fortunate young male the lovely lady had engaged for this totally invigorating exercise!
    Since our first time together, I have noticed how Rosalie never fails to use that same name: “Willie†or “Willie-kins†whenever she is enjoying her singular, sexual pleasures with me. Although, sometimes in the heat of her ongoing passion, the lovely lady has also referred to me by another title. It shocked me the first time I heard her use the other word, but I realized she was only giving vent to her deepest emotional feelings. In the midst of getting off, I heard Rosalie hiss, quite intently, “Suck, you little bastard! Oooo, suck it good!â€
    I was thrilled to know Rosalie was filled with such inner passion, so I never objected to being referred to as her “little bastard.†Actually, I consider it to be something of a compliment!
    Through all of this, I soon realized that my mission in life is not to sell cars or engage in any other frivolous venture. As I see it, I am here solely to ensure the lovely Rosalie Sue MacDonald is kept emotionally content through my obedience, my loyalty, and my complete oral servitude. That’s all that really matters to me!

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    Sounds like a breakfast, dinner, lunch and supper should...... prrrrrrrr good boy :)
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    nice story thanks....
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    Sounds y.....

    Sounds really yummy..wish all get those never ending juices
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    Really interesting story, thanks :)
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    That was pretty freaking hot.
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