My slave is sick

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MasterOfPuppets, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. MasterOfPuppets

    MasterOfPuppets New Member

    I have a slave who doesn't live with me, I'm new to being a master. He is ill with flu and is throwing up. Being new I've suspended his duties til he is better. Did I do the right thing, or should I of been stricter?
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  2. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

    Im new to this as well, but it seems a little harsh to punish someone for something that they cant help. If he had gotten mono from making out with someone without your permission, then I can understand you punishing him when he got better - but the flu was involuntary.

    It sounds to me like giving him a break til he is better was the right thing to do because (even if you hadn't punished him) making him continue his duties would make the sickness drag out longer and he might've gotten another punishment for fudging on his tasks due to not feeling well.
  3. damyanti

    damyanti New Member

    You did the right thing. Being Dom isn't just about being harsh and strict, it has to be tempered with signs of care. He didn't choose to get ill...and you suspending his duties will bind him even closer to you.
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  4. sparkie

    sparkie New Member

    punishment can wait

    When the slave is better they should be punished for not being more carefull and causing you this problem. Furthermore, if gone unpunished they will try to use the same excuse again.
  5. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

    Well if he has the flu then it wasnt an excuse.
    Not trying to be mean, but have you ever had the flu before?
    Not fun.
    Punishing him after he just got to feeling better seems to me like it would push him further from you. He might trust you less, thinking "well what happens if i get pneumonia or strep throat? Will I be punished then?"

    I believe the slave should be punished WHEN DESERVED.
    Being ill is not punishment-material.
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  6. sparkie

    sparkie New Member

    punished...oh yes.

    Did they get a flew shot???? if not then why? You really can't keep someone under control and let them get away with the little things. The little things matter more than the big things. You can't give somebody an old fastioned bull-whipping and expect them not to escape! But....hold them responsible for their little screw ups and they will change into what you want them to be. Because of the way you think you must be a sub?????
  7. amandaxlynn

    amandaxlynn New Member

    Personally i think you may have a point, to an extent, but at the same time even if he did get a flu shot - they're not 100% effective. All it is is them injecting the flu virus into your body in hopes that it'll build an immunity against it and that way you'll be LESS likely to contract the flu. It's not guaranteed, though. And it's obvious that punishing someone for falling ill is not only wrong, but a little on the absurd side. Maybe he should also punish him for growing hair on his body, as well? Or for having an ear ache? A real Master isn't looking for ways to punish their submissive, but more so to guide and train them. There's a difference.
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  8. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

    No, actually. Im a Domme, thanks.

    And yes, I agree with you that you cant let them get away with the little things, but getting sick is not even a little thing. Its something that can not be helped and they shouldnt be punished for something thats out of their control.

    Yes, I know I repeated myself, but it doesnt get any more plain than that.

    I fully agree with Amanda that it is absurd.
  9. sparkie

    sparkie New Member

    no chance

    Look at it this way. A slave gets the flu at no fault of his own...they even got the flew shot. They get better and get punished. The lesson for them is that if they get punished for something so unreasonable they should be very careful. Plus they probably had flu...just trying to get days off. Why take a chance? They will do it again if you let them. I wouldn't take the chance.
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  10. amandaxlynn

    amandaxlynn New Member

    Are you kidding me, seriously? I mean, I don't mean to sound rude here but anyone who doubts their submissive so much that they'd have reason enough to accuse them of faking sick to rest for a few days.. either really needs to reevaluate the lifestyle choice they made, or find themselves a real submissive. You cannot logically punish someone for getting sick, that's the bottom line. Anyone who does is looking for ways to discipline and that's not what makes a Master - as I've said. Your point's not valid, let alone understandable from any humane view.
  11. sparkie

    sparkie New Member


    You keep using the term "submissive''....THE PERSON WHO ASKED THE ORIGIONAL QUESTION refered to them as a SLAVE. BIG difference. They would not have asked the question if there was any clear cut solution as you seem to have. My solution is clear and I stick to it...get the whip out,spend a few minutes marking their ass......just on the off chance I'm correct. If I am wrong, what is the down side......a slave with welts on their ass......big deal!
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  12. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

    Wow, YOU are the kind of person that gives dom/mes a bad name. This is absolutely ridiculous that you would punish your slave over the possibility that they might have been faking it.

    To add a point to Amanda's last post, if you're going to doubt your slave that much - then the relationship isnt right. The whole point of a D/s relationship is TRUST. If you dont TRUST them, then you need to let them go.

    Honestly, Im suprised any slave would trust you with a potato gun if this is the way you treat them.

    Amanda - I dont think you were being rude. You're being honest and someone like him obviously doesnt deserve common courtesy because he doesnt show anyone else the same respect.

    ^^ Oh, and thats another great point. Trust AAAND respect. Yes I know its difficult to wrap your mind around respecting a slave since you care for them so little - but its the truth. You should probably READ ABOUT BDSM if you dont even know the basics.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2008
  13. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    I'm sorry, days off? Unless you're a pro-sub working at a public dungeon I've never heard of any life-style sub that "just wasn't feeling like it". You may as well assume Catholics worship Poseidon sometimes just because, you know, The Father Son and Holy Spirit just gets so boring most days.
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  14. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

    Hey all,
    Just thought I would throw in my two bits here. First off I agree with the comments on trust and think that good Dom~Sub relationships are based on it. If that isn't sparkies concern though and that is his business. There are doms and subs who operate differently.
    I will say Master of puppets that you made the right choice in my opinion. Your primary concern in this is trust, do you trust your sub is telling the truth, if he isn't why not? That is sparkies whole problem with it (I think). Some Doms have trouble trusting their subs like their subs are expected to trust them. If you trust your sub finding limits which you both happy, comfortable and excited by is part of being a good dom. Being Dominant also means you take care of your subs, you shouldn't push them past their limits.
    That being said if you still feel like being dominant, take care of your sub while he are sick and don't take any guff about it. Get him better. He will follow orders which are good for him and you get to be dominant while he is submissive. It will also build trust which is what a good relationship is about even if it isn't exactly the normal way you would go about it. While he is getting better you can bring more fun into things and punishments and such. Keep in mind not to be too rough as it can be detrimental while somebody is just starting to feel better.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2008
  15. akittenone

    akittenone Guest

    Sorry, kitten just had to answer after reading all this, kitten is a slave but she is also HUMAN and as such she gets ill like everyone else does, it is not her fault as she takes every precaution, no one really likes getting ill after all. The fact you gave your slave a few days off to get better is great but to even consider punishing him for being ill in the first place is so wrong, he has done nothing to be punished for !
    Being a Master is not about punishing for no reason, it is about caring, protecting,teaching,enabling your property to thrive and grow, so if that is the way that the thinking is going then should you not be punished for allowing him to get sick ? After all you are supposed to protect and care for him so is it his fault or yours he is sick ?
    Punishments are lessons learnt only when there is something to learn from them, punishments unfairly given are abusive actions

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