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  1. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

    Here are a few samples of me in action with a sub of mine.

    Please let me know what you think.


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  2. lost.soul07

    lost.soul07 New Member

    hot pics!!
  3. I've never seen the anal hook (is that what that is btw?) before... that looks like it could be fun... can you buy them online or was that self made?
  4. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

    if you google anal hook online retailers pop up, there a few now that sell it.

    its a very good tool for anal play.
  5. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    im like it a lot... especially attached to handcuffs like you have it.
  6. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

    Very nice pics!
    In the states Stockroom and eXtremerestraints. both have them in single sizes. Twistedmonk has them in three different ball sizes, extremely nice quality but they ain't cheap!
  7. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

    true they are expensive, but they are solid stainless steel, but have given me hours of fun.
  8. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

    Oh, I agree completely, Dom_UK I have a plain one with no knob and my Girl has a classic love/hate thing with it. Mine is knobless mostly because when I bought it i had never seen one WITH a knob. The ones I mentioned in the post below -the first two web addresses are in the $70 to $80 (What, about 40 quid?) but the guys at TwistedMonk start at around $120 for the small ball and they go up from there. Those are the ones I was calling pricey.
  9. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

    i think i picked mine up for about £60.00 sterling

    so not too bad.
  10. The_Master221

    The_Master221 New Member

    I'd rather make what I can then buy the rest. cheaper that way.
  11. I agree with the master221, I like to make toys. Not because it's cheaper (though that's an added benefit) but for some reason I like the idea of including my 'vanilla' life with my play time. I love the idea of getting spanked with my kitchen spoon, or making a spreader bar out of my old broom, it's just so much fun.

    I love the pics btw and somewhere deep inside me I long to have an anal hook, I am still an anal virgin though so I am a bit nervous if I would even be able to cum with one in. But I really want one none the less, I just hope Master doesn't find that out soon and hold me to my word :D
  12. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

    i understand your point of view, and indeed make certain items, but its also good to make my sub watch me order such items, with the anticipation of it being used on her.
  13. Yes, the anticipation can be enjoyable, when Master bought my first set of nipple clamps the other night, He had me carry them in my purse on the walk home, it was a similar sort of anticipation. :)
  14. TheBikeMan

    TheBikeMan New Member

    Love the look of the anal hook. Kudos!

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