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    I am brand spanking new to all this. Well, I know I've always had a slight interest about bondage, sub/dom relationships, but I was never open to admitting it. I've purchased whips, cuffs, ties, tape and all the goods but never had anyone to use them with. Recently I went to a Fetish Ball in Hollywood which was held at the Threshold. I have to say, all the possibilities that place offered really turned me on! And being around people of the same interests kinda helped me come out of my shell a little. I'm totally excited to have my first sub experience this upcoming saturday (which also happens to be my b'day) While excited, I'm slightly timid about who it is with. After the ball my ex, who broke up with me and broke my heart, started talking again and I expressed to him that I was really turned on about bdsm and wanted to try it. He mentioned that he has been in dom/sub relationships in the past and has played both roles. At the time it was like, well there's nothing we can do about it now since he had a girlfriend, but now they are no longer together at his decision and he wants to train me as his sub. I trust him, I know he will not get too carried away and will respect my limits and train me well, but am I crazy because he's my ex? Or could this be a whole new awakening for us, a new path. Any advice out there!?!
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