my argument to people who say fetishes are weird

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Heavymetalfan, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Heavymetalfan

    Heavymetalfan New Member

    The way i see it, everyone has their own fetishes no matter how small. My old friend found about my foot fetish and he said i was weirdo. I asked him, do you like tits? He said well, yeah.

    So i said, well since the sexual organs of the body are the penis and vagina, you looking Boobs means you have a boob fetish.

    He didn't have a comeback
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Well, boobs are a secondary sex organ, like the adam's apple and facial hair on a man, and on both men and women contain sexual stimuli.

    Not saying that fetishes are weird, but it isn't exactly the same as liking tits and ass.
  3. V.W. Singer

    V.W. Singer New Member

    The real answer to comments like that is "So? Why do I have to be like everybody else?" Finding feet erotic is a preference, just like preferring wine over beer, or pork over chicken. No preference is "weird", simply different, unless it causes harm to someone else.
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  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

  5. johnboy12

    johnboy12 Member

    I can only agree. Most people have an "extreme" view of anything that doesn't fit into their accepted norms. An example is the press here would label Topless content as "PORN". I cant see how it fits that label but it panders to the emotions of the middle classes.

    When you mention the word "Fetish", the reaction is similar. People go straight to the extremes and think it's weird and certainly not normal but as you rightly suggest, everyone has a fetish.

    Having said that, recently I was told of "STD Fetish". Google it, ....interesting... :)
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  6. EmpressElsa

    EmpressElsa New Member

    Primary and secondary sexual organs do not qualify as fetish. A fetish is a sexual attraction to a "normally" non-sexual object or body part. Pussy can't be a fetish, but feet can.

    Clinically it is said that a fetish isn't unhealthy until it causes a problem in your life (or causes victimization), at which time it becomes disordered behavior. With that being said, a fetish is merely an association created in the mind. Some people's associations are that ice cream helps the depression of a breakup and others' associations are that feet are super-sexy.

    Weird on the other hand, is subjective. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. Weird means unusual or odd. Someone who has never been to Asia might think pagodas are weird, but to someone who lives in one, they are as normal as the sky. Saying someone is wrong for thinking something is weird is like saying someone is wrong for thinking something tastes good. Some people love cheese that stinks and some of us don't. Is one right and the other wrong? No! It's a matter of personal opinion and we are all entitled to that.

    A different angle to consider is to educate him on how many people actually are turned on by feet (MANY) so that he can see it isn't as unusual as he originally thought. Normalizing it to him will remove or reduce his perspective of it being "weird".
  7. YoungDarkMaster

    YoungDarkMaster New Member

    fully agree
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  8. DelofMWP

    DelofMWP New Member

    I really like your explanation EmpressElsa. I bet that if most people who view fetishes as "weird" engaged in some circumspect and honest self-thought, they would realize they too have a preference for something that others would characterize as "weird."
  9. aughcer

    aughcer Member

    My last relationship was with a smart, nice, vanilla girl. We had only normal sex, nothing perversion.

    One day she came up with the idea, that I should tie her hands and fuck her that way. We talk a lot, but she has not into any other perversion or BDSM act. She was only like to be tied sometimes.

    I was very surprised about her.
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  10. Laenan

    Laenan Active Member

    Fully agree
  11. ElAngelo

    ElAngelo New Member

    That's right. Everybody has a fetish. Some are just more common.
  12. uppercase

    uppercase New Member

    totally agree
  13. People shouldn't yuck other people's yums!

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