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  1. Ceilidh

    Ceilidh Member

    So I'm feeling very random today. :)

    I think this was inspired by Sebastian. Or at least he gave me the idea to ask this...

    What is some of the most unusual names you have for a music playlist?

    I have several.
    "Cheshire" -- which is also the name of my zune player:)
    "Bullshit" :D --this is my I'm-pissed-off-playlist
    "Vintage" --mostly music I consider "the good ole days" 1999-2003/4 when I was in high school
    "Band Geek" -- also refered to as 'Band Crack' mainly drumline, marching band music, my ears/feet ache for this during football season, hehe, one song is "Meet the Flintstones" lol.

    Then I have my "EMO" and "Celtic Tunes" and "Celtic Rock" --not very original there.

    I think the next playlist I name will be either "Get Naked" or "Naked Shower" because I am always saying those two phrases...guess I have a newfound fasination with the word 'naked' lol..Perhaps I will also name one "Mad Hatter" to go with my "Cheshire"
  2. master jey

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    well i have one big my music and in it albom named folders for example top 1000 songs over the lust 30 years [0-100] or 1998 hellbilly deluxe and one big rammstein folder with albums in it
  3. sebastian

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    Hey, why am I not surprised that you're into Ramstein? Ever checked out Laibach? Their cover of "live is life" is frickin' brilliant.
  4. master jey

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