mummification- how much tape and safety

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by josh1981, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. josh1981

    josh1981 New Member

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    I have a partner who is 5 foot 7 tall and athletic 110lbs. im going to buy some bondage pvc tape that only sticks to itself. 65 foot per roll. so I need 8 rolls right (according to my math calculations)?? Also any safety rules I need to know besides dont block nose breathing dont leave her alone etc.

  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    The big thing is that she can overheat and of course that if you bind her too tightly you could cut off circulation. Don't use the tape to squeeze anything, just apply it. If you have her held in position, especially something like hogtie or kneeling, you also need to make sure she doesn't lose feeling from having her weight on something, which could be a medical emergency in itself, or lead to swelling and making the tape circulation.

    If you must do it with her mouth bound, I'd wrap in a thermometer in around her belly or so, so you can see how warm her skin is under the tape (after checking her initial skin level temperature). Remember, if she is too hot, she could pass out before she realizes she will, and not be able to safe word (/gesture/toy). Regarding safe words, I'd definitely make sure you check in regularly, just with an 'are you okay?' and, if she can't respond verbally, a yes/no signal. This is more important with this play than others since you don't have any physical/facial cues as to how she is.

    Also (again, assuming you cover her mouth), I'd wrap her mouth last, with it's own piece of tape. If her nose becomes plugged or she's otherwise struggling to breathe (too tight on chest, a panic attack, etc), you can rip it off without having to cut in or unwrap more of her. If you're going for a visual that it would interrupt, you can use a longish piece with the ends behind her head.

    I believe there are also some health concerns regarding whether her pores are able to breath and excrete, but I don't know them well enough myself to go into them.

    Again, not an expert or a doctor, but these are the concerns that come to mind/that I know about.
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  3. josh1981

    josh1981 New Member

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    thanks for the reply. I will discuss with her.
  4. matmitmot

    matmitmot New Member

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    i like mummification and also see the girl being gagged with panties
  5. annamalia

    annamalia Member

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    you how much less your partner?
  6. scorpion11

    scorpion11 Active Member

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    i dont now ))
  7. newdayluck

    newdayluck Active Member

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    i like your answer
  8. revodrink

    revodrink Active Member

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    the horror. people do this in live(((
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