most painful thing?

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by pernjuke, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I can only assume that it would have some sort of negative consequence besides pain, but the first thing that leaps to mind is a video I saw online of a slave taking an injection of saltwater in his balls.
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    try waxing balls when the hair is long enough- if it hurts just close to how waxing a pussy can hurt thats more than enough...
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    Without injury? I'd say Electro-torture... but there is always a risk of burning when going to the higher end of Estim.

    mmm... Estim...
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    E-torture is very god. But there is a very small line between pain and orgasm. I thing the "burning-problem" is more a problem of a god contact.

    If you connect a needle-game with elektro, you wouldn't get a burning problem, maybe you have a god piercing at the end of the session. Even piercings are god contact points.

    greetings tobi (I like the small line!!):D
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    electro torture

    The key to safe electro torture is having the correct attachments. Plus, all electro-play should take place below the waist...never above. For a male slave this generally means the cock and testicles. Normally the electro units have variable intensity, from very mild to extreme. Attachments vary from simple brass rings to flexable cathiters that are slipped deep into the cock.

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    While it is true about electroplay with TENS-units that you should never play above the waist (or play at all if you have a pacemaker or a sick heart), electroplay can safely be performed by Violet Wand above the waist as it does not send electrical stimuli to the muscles, making them contract ...but rather sends a "spark" that burns the skin.
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    You are correct in that the violet wand only gives someone a "spark" and does not contract anything like the anus. The violet wand however does burn or leave its mark....not much but something to remember...for a while. But, this is childs play compared to attaching someone to and old crank telephone. That is as extreme as it gets.
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    Thats not really S&M... Thats Chilean military interrogation. The history of torture has a whole bunch of stuff that you wouldn't find in any S&M club (breaking on a wheel, the judas cradle, iron maiden, etc etc etc)
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    I have to go with the cane as the most painful. After 40 or 50 strokes the pain is so bad Ive taken over 80 strokes actually a few more than that i lost count after 70 and i know he kept on going. The marks lasted almost a month but the actual pain lasted no more than a week

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