Money Mistress seeks financial slaves

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  1. HI!!! MY NAME IS TATSIANA. I AM RUSSIAN MONEY MISTRESS. I invite the slaves who like to be financialy controled, humiliated, dominated, abused by beautiful and strict Mistress. Be my pet and serve me!
  2. BRILLIANT! :D My bank details are . . . . . . . . :rolleyes:
  3. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Post a pic and I'll paypal you $1
  4. ReallyGreen

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    She has a fetish for (or at least the business savvy to proclaim) financial control. Basically the sub would turn-over his paycheck to the dominatrix and she would give him an allowance on that money to pay his bills with, keeping the rest.

    In the long run its no different than if the 'client' has picked-up a girlfriend half his age who needed him to pay her rent, buy a car, and keep her in couture finery. Financial Slavery is the BDSM equivalent of being a "sugar daddy". They appeal to wealthy older gentlemen who realize that if they were not loaded they would have no shot with somebody old enough to be their daughter/grand-daughter, and they happen to have several thousand dollars a month in disposable income (trust fund, hedge managers, investment bankers, dot-com millionaires, etc).

    "Oh baby, just one more Mercedes payment and I'll let you sniff my vagina".
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  5. Prissy

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    In that case, and thank you for the information ReallyGreen, I would have to say no. I have a hard enough time living off of it now, that if I was given an "allowance" from it, I would go stark crazy.
  6. ReallyGreen

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    Well financial domination clearly isn't for everyone. (Yes, the wealthy can even have their own form of kink).
  7. Ophelia

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    Ya prostie no ya dumau chto v ukrle ot ludei. Ya russkie tazhe e ludei kak v daut nam durnu slavu.

    Ya ne hachu oskorblyat vas ya tolko zhelau chtob v dumale b bolshe o vasheh deistvyah.

    Zhal ya ne imeu kirillicheskoi klaveatur. =[
  8. Prissy

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    omm wat?
  9. Ophelia

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    its russkie~
  10. Did you say something sarcastic to the money mistress? :D
  11. manu123

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  12. Psycho

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    This gives me hope that even someone with an unusual fetish can find love. :D
  13. master jey

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    interesting if you want someone to give your money give it to

    interesni u tia fetish kroshka naduvatelstvo starix tolstix mujikov da? haha stranni vi narod...
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  14. Master_J

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    i lol'ed.

    This is quite obviously a desperate, poorly conceived, financial scam.

  15. Master_J

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    Master J meets Master Jey *gasp*

    what ensues next will surely tear the fabric of the universe.

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