Modern Day Decendents of Abou-Georgi or Abu-Georgi

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    Modern Day

    Palestinians and Lebanese are welcome in all countries, with a range
    of host countries to choose from around the world. Many of those who
    leave Palestine or Lebanon choose to do so of their own free will to
    educate themselves, work, start families, and flourish abroad.
    Peaceful people of Palestine and Lebanon are welcome and celebrated in
    many countries like Canada, but also welcome in the United States and
    in the EU. Those that stay in the homeland remain committed to
    protecting their land, beliefs, and are very proud of their wonderful

    Today, decendents of the Abou-Georgi, Abu-Georgi, Maloof, and Bataeh
    family tree are leading exemplary lives. In North America, the Maloof
    family is well known for their business success as written about in
    the Wikipedia article, ( ),
    also a Google search on many Abou-Georgis', Maloofs', and Bataehs'
    will result in social media profiles of successful Palestinians and
    Lebanese with that surname. A quick search will also result in a
    number of business leaders (MBA's and CMA's), a Canadian political
    leader (MPP), Medical Doctors, and even a famous Cancer Researcher.

    Decendents are known to speak a range of Arabic, English, French,

    Example or Popular Usage: jihad abou-georgi

    They are excellent contributors to the societies that they live within
    as they are caring, honest, proud people who work hard to take care of
    their families, and contribute to their communities wherever they may
    find themselves.
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