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  1. 2servu

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    considering in joining this new mistress that just entered my life,but there is somethings in her profile that raises concerns with me , such as location, it don't match ... hate being played ....could it just be as simple as not keeping her profile up to date?
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Well, where did you meet her? Have you seen her live/cammed/had her take pictures proving it's her (eg holding a paper with your username, if it's online)? How long have you been talking and what kind of relationship are each of you talking about? Has she done anything alarming like demand you give her money or renounce your limits?

    Location isn't much of a red flag to me, I know many people who list it wrong in order to keep their profile anonymous. But if she's worrying you in other ways, then it's possible something's up.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I think we need to know more about the situation before we can offer much advice. You're saying that her profile incorrectly lists the area she lives in? That could mean a couple things. 1) She's let her profile get out of date by accident. 2) She's concerned about her privacy and safety (internet stalkers and so on), so she's intentionally misrepresented where she's from. 3) She's scamming you. 4) Something got screwed up on her profile somehow (I've seen some sites where it's easy to mis-enter your location, especially if you're on a cell phone).

    As Smallest says, have you cammed with her, met her, or otherwise had verification that she is the person in her photos? If so, odds are it's not 3. If not, that would be my next step.

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