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    Just to get a few things out of the way, because most of you ask these in first few messages.

    Yes, i`m single.
    No, i`m not living alone.
    No, i don`t want to be your dare slave or give you any dares.
    Yes, i`m bisexual.
    Yes, i`m Dominant.
    No, i won`t switch, no matter how experienced you tell me you are.
    Yes, i`m seeking a serious long term online female slave, maybe 2 if both are ok with me having the other slave also.
    No, if you`re born with a penis, i`m not interested in owning you.
    Yes and No, i have a yahoo messenger and no i don`t have live messenger, but i could make one if needed.
    Yes, a good friend told me about this site, and i decided to register.

    So, i guess i`ll start by telling a bit about myself.

    My name is Elina, actually it`s El─źna, i`m 23 and soon to be 24 and i`m located in europe.
    I plan on starting to study next year in computer forensics. I live with my mom and my cat.
    I don`t work or study, so i have plenty of free time to devote to my slave. And like i said i have yahoo, but i won`t write my id here, pm me and i might give it to you.
    About my likes, well, i like control, bondage, rules, heels, tickling, some orgasm denial, some torture but nothing extreme, humiliation, email control, some pet play, and of course ordering around
    My dislikes but i`m willing to if the slave likes it, diapers, chastity, piercings, tattoos, whoring out, pee and shit, consensual blackmail, something sadistic.
    And my limits, these will never be done! Sex with anyone under 18, animals, anything illegal, anything that would make the slave go to hospital.

    Now i`ll tell you about what i seek.

    Well, like the title says, i seek a female slave, age is not important, the willingness to serve is
    i want you to be single, that means no bfs, a gf is allowed. Also i would prefer if you lived alone, but it`s not a huge problem if you`re living with parents or roommates, as long as you have your own room and have some space to yourself in which we can work. And if you do live with someone, this is not a must but it would be nice if the door to your room could be locked so we wouldn`t be disturbed. Looks matter to me, i`m sorry ladies but i don`t want a bbw as my slave. You should be fit, healthy and good looking. It would also be nice if you`d be interested in at least some of my likes i listed above. About time, i totally understand if you have a job or other commitments, and i understand that that would mean that you can`t be online ready to serve at all times, and it fine, as long as you can at least devote a few hours a day to me. And i do seek long term, so that means at least more than a few months. We would start with a 3 month period, and after those 3 months see if we want to continue this or not. Also you must be serious and committed to me, i don`t seek any wannabees or time wasters.
    About your location, i would prefer for you to be in europe also because of the time zones, but it won`t be a problem if you`re living somewhere else.
    Also you must have at least a decent grammer. Because our chats will always be in english and no other language. And i might use words like lol, omg and so on, but i won`t tolerate this from you and you will be punished if you talk like that.
    It would also be nice if you have some toys to be used, but i can work with household items also, but you must be willing to buy some toys then. And yes i understand that not everyone is rich.

    Some other stuff that you should know.
    You should be respectful to me always, i won`t tolerate disrespectful or a few word pms.
    You should have a web camera or a digital camera ready to be used.
    I`m nice as a person and as a Domme, but i get strict and demanding easily if my rules are broken or orders not done as instructed.
    Also you will be given time off from time to time to talk freely with me about your problems, troubles, and so on.
    And sometimes if needed you can be allowed a time off from this relationship if needed for personal reasons, no longer than 48 hours.
    I am open to using teamviewer if the slave likes to be monitored, but i`m not very interested in it.

    What to expect as my slave:
    A serious long lasting relationship.
    You will have many rules to live by.
    Strict dress codes. ( will be discussed )
    Control over your daily activities like orgasm control, toilet control, tv time control, email account control and so on.
    Control over your appearance and the way you talk with people in daily life.
    You will also have a strict daily routine to follow ( this will be discussed because some women work )
    Daily contact, i want to be in contact with my slave daily, i understand if you can`t make it sometimes, but then you must if you can, inform me before, or write an explanation letter afterwards.
    If you have a pair of handcuffs, be ready to do selfbondage, if you don`t, then that would be the first thing you`d be needing to get.
    Writing daily reports about your day and your progress as my slave. ( you can keep a blog if you want to, but it`s not a must )
    Also you will be given offline tasks, not daily but often. And maybe once in a while a nice essay to write on the topic of my choosing.
    Training in positions.

    And there will be more

    How to contact me:

    like i said, i won`t give my id here, so if you want to contact me, pm me and i`ll check as soon as i can.
    And please include your first name, you likes, dislikes, soft and hard limits, small info about yourself, what you do for living, free time, hobbies.
    Also a description of yourself and tell me why you decided to pm me.
    p.s. don`t forget to be respectful when messaging me.

    Thank you for reading my ad and kisses to you all

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