Mistress looking for online pet

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by Dominatrix, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Dominatrix

    Dominatrix New Member

    I'm looking for one or more online slaves for training, obedience and a lot of fun we could have together. I need open minded, loyal and submissive men who like roleplay and dominance. I'm very demanding and yet very caring towards the deserving pet. It'll work out through Aim and mails, more in future, if you'll be very, very good.
  2. kitland-kevin

    kitland-kevin New Member

    i wanna try.
  3. SuperNight

    SuperNight New Member

    Sign me up!
  4. slavechris1991

    slavechris1991 New Member

    Sounds good
  5. arjun7711

    arjun7711 New Member

    yes im there mistress
  6. reloob

    reloob New Member

    Please sign me up mistress
  7. Andy123

    Andy123 New Member

    im very interested i also want to be a financial slave
  8. kinkycam1025

    kinkycam1025 New Member

    please sign me up mistress, i cant wait to submiss to you on cam
  9. dido

    dido New Member

    i am under your feet, mam

    my e-mail "abd.khawal@yahoo.com
  10. Blue62

    Blue62 New Member

  11. peterw

    peterw New Member

    I'd love to be.
  12. arjun7711

    arjun7711 New Member

    pls sign me up mistress
  13. subvirgin

    subvirgin New Member

    May i please you Mistress? I am new and want to learn from the right boss lady soooo badly.
  14. pathetic excuse

    pathetic excuse New Member

    Greeting Mistress, It would be an honor to surrender myself to you madam
  15. LexSub

    LexSub New Member

    i'd be very willing - sign me up

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