Milking machine?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by pepeluism, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I've gone to these parties where slaves kneel around in a circle and have to masturbate while the mistress(es) whip them. Whoever finishes last has to lick everyone else's cum off the floor.

    Now, last week someone brought a milking machine. I mean an actual cow milking machine, which has a few cylinders that suck using a compressor. I must say I was a little scared when I saw that, but I was ordered to get connected to it along with 3 other slaves.

    My dick is very, very small, so it was really hard to get it to the point where I could form a vacuum. Once i got it though, I felt a really strong sucking action, which, while painful at times, felt really good. Of course with the whipping I tend to lose my erection, so the thing kept falling off. Long story short, I did end up coming after a long time and many "disconnections" and with a very sore/bruised dick (Still hurting).

    A lot of it probably has to do with the difficulties I had with it, but I figured I'd ask if anybody had experiences with a real milking machine connected to the penis. Is that safe enough?

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    Hmm I would have thought it would bare the same risks as long term penis pump usage surely?

    There are actual toys marketted for "milking" they stimulate the prostate, making you cum without orgasm, or if you're lucky enough, quite a strong one. I know a lot of Doms use them when wanting their male slaves to cum but not have the satisfaction of an orgasm.

    Obviously that's not what was used, but could be... looked into?

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